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    Cool, Smart Jacket Levis would Launched This Year

    Monday, March 13, 2017, March 13, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-16T03:09:06Z

    Two renowned names in their field ie Google and Levi's will launch a smart jacket in the fall with the official US dola 350. These jackets are available for men and women.

    This smart jacket using Google Project Jacquard, which was introduced last year in the event Google I / O. The goal of this project is to combine items daily which normally would not consider high-tech, such as clothing, and give them some form of ability interactive. The aim is to allow us to collect information from the smartphone without having seen her.

    At the SXSW conference, this jacket has been exhibited. Levi Commuter Trucker Jacket, the jacket names, uses Bluetooth to synchronize with a smartphone. Users will simply tapping or rubbing a special section of the jacket to answer a call or play music like Touch pad. Inside the jacket is also equipped with a battery that can live up to two days and can charge back.

    More details about the functions of this jacket you can see in the video below. One video shows how users can use the bike jacket to get directions and listen to music. The second video shows the making interactive fabric used on the jacket.

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