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    Demand 'Black Widow' Before Official Widowed

    Wednesday, March 8, 2017, March 08, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2020-04-01T12:10:41Z
    Scarlett Johansson angkat bicara soal perceraiannya. (REUTERS/Mike Blake)
    Scarlett Johansson spoke about his divorce. (REUTERS / Mike Blake)
    News that Scarlett Johansson widowhood, which has been circulating since some time ago, confirmed the filing of the lawsuit for divorce by the actress to court recently. Like other celebrities, she and her husband Romain Dauriac was 'seizure' children.

    However, during that process, ScarJo-familiar greeting-ask others not to meddle. He even asked directly to Dauriac and lawyers that represent them, not to comment on anything in the media. ScarJo want the matter settled in court only.

    "As a mother and a private person, and with full awareness that my daughter will one day mature enough to read the news about him, I just wanted to say that I would never comment on my marriage," said ScarJo.

    He continued, "Respect my desire to become parents and for the sake of respect for working mothers, well I ask all parties involved, including the media, do the same thing [not comment on her divorce]. Thank you."

    For the sake of it, reported Ace Showbiz ScarJo himself will be busy. He even called the lawyer, Harold Mayerson will move the country in order to avoid the conflict.

    "He'll move to France with her daughter and Ms. Johansson plenty around. It will be an interesting process, "said the lawyer explained, on different occasions.

    However, the lawyer of the opposite party ScarJo actually backfired on his request.

    "We never intend to file a lawsuit, we do not want to make anything into a public spectacle. Now he or his lawyer made so public attention, "said attorney Dauriac. He felt no sense if ScarJo now ask for the privacy of his party and the media, given the Black Widow who filed the first lawsuit.

    "We negotiate with good faith, but anything that Scarlett wanted, did not he get [in the negotiations], so he attacked us. We are pleased to continue the negotiations. Not the interests of her daughter to file a lawsuit in the public court system. "

    'Scramble' over custody of children has always been a problem in a celebrity divorce. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is not yet resolve the conflicts that one. Now, in the eyes Dauriac lawyer, his client was the one who got the primary right to take care of her daughter with ScarJo.

    "He [Dauriac] want him [ScarJo] involved with their daughter, but you can not change the schedule time. How do you explain that to a child? He [ScarJo] allowed for a career, and there will be a certain degree of flexibility but not to fit his schedule to Mr. Dauriac. It should fit the child. "

    He admitted in luck, because according to the law in the United States, men and women have equal rights to child care. "You can not hide behind a suit or a dress. The best thing is based on the interests of the child, "said the lawyer asserted.



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