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    Facebook: If the Check this in your News Feed Do Clicked!

    Wednesday, March 8, 2017, March 08, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-09T04:32:08Z
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    Facebook. (Shutterstock)
    Facebook users now have been warned to expect a fraud.

    Facebook users now have been warned to expect a fraud, such as an article about the death of celebrities who appear in their news feed.

    Facebook shows a fake news article claimed a famous artist died, in this case Graham Norton and Noel Edmonds. It is based on reports Lancashire Police.

    When Facebook users click on the article they will be alerted that their computers have been infected with the virus and that they should call 08000 698 622.

    Police have told the people who exposed the fraud was not to call that number and immediately close the internet browser and run anti-virus software.

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    Scam warning Lancashire Police made on Facebook page after they have received calls from residents who were victimized during the weekend.

    "We have received some questions about internet scams going on Facebook. Scam in a way the user clicks on the link on Facebook that says celebrities have died, including Graham Norton and Noel Edmonds (when they are not), when you click on the second link two will sentence appears that claims your computer has been infected and that you need to call this number 08000698622 2, "wrote the Lancashire police spokesman.

    In her post, Lancashire Police spokesman also stressed not to click the sentence.

    "Please do not call this number, close the browser and run anti-virus software you to do the check. Never divulge personal information without checking and know with whom you are dealing," he wrote again.

    For those who click the link will relate to Action Fraud.

    The warning was posted on the Facebook page and the Lancashire Police have distributed nearly 7,000 times. [Express]


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