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    Inspirational! Angkie Yudistia, Deaf Success So CEO

    Saturday, March 4, 2017, March 04, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-04T08:50:26Z
     Penyandang tunarungu Angkie Yudistia pernah menjadi finalis Abang None Jakarta Barat 2008.
    Deaf Angkie Yudistia was a finalist Abang None Jakarta Barat, 2008.  (Suara)
    It took 10 years to accept the fact as deaf until Angkie Yudistia Viewed blushing smile on her beautiful face, of course we never thought that a woman named Angkie Yudistia have disadvantages.

    Everything starts from a high fever he suffered 20 years ago led to a decrease in auditory function who later claimed cheerfulness as a teenager.

    Yes, Angkie must accept the fact that he was hard of hearing or deaf also called when he was 10 years old.

    It is incalculable how many insults from his school friends first because these shortcomings. In fact, he never stopped to ask the creator, what it was that got this exam in the world.

    Angkie already visited several specialists in ear, nose and throat to find a cure. Unfortunately, instead of his condition has improved, it continues Angkie decreased ability to hear.

    "Every six months examined, eh instead to get better even worse. Moreover, once the development of information not as sophisticated as hard now want to find out about my condition," he said on the sidelines of the commemoration of the World Hearing at the Ministry of Health, recently.

    Luckily, Angkie born in the midst of a family who very supportive in any condition. His parents desperately seeking information as detailed as possible and hide his sadness before her baby was.

    "Parents I'm not the type who showing drop in front of the child. So, I'm also not getting the drop in these conditions," added Angkie.

    Weary lament the fate, he was finding the turning point. This moment occurs when Angkie 20 years old. He did not want his life just filled with sadness.

    Angkie decided to get up and accept his condition as a deaf person. "It took me 10 years to accept yourself and it takes a long process once," added the woman who now has one daughter.

    Although it has limitations in communication, steady Angkie choose college majors Communications at a private university in Jakarta. The revenue of the self-made Angkie able to find a great side.

    "It is precisely in this course I learned to accept and discover who I really am," said the woman who was born in Medan in 1987.

    Various achievements inscribed Angkie. He did not let the shortcomings hamper his future. Angkie even listed as a finalist Abang None Jakarta Barat in 2008, and received the prestigious award as the inspirational figure of the various parties each year.

    Burning passion to break through this boundary makes Angkie want to pass it to other deaf. He also decided to establish Thisable Enterprise, a skill development program for persons with disabilities.

    "I believe we have the same right to work. Many of his fellow disabilities who need a job in order to be independent and not rely on others," said Angkie encouraged.

    Through this program, he wants people with disabilities no longer be pitied when selling their products or services, but because of their presence is needed community.

    "Friends with disabilities are also motivated as 'self employee' of our cooperation with GOJEK where friends can be involved in providing services on features Go-Auto, Go-Massage, or Go-Clean. They are also taught how to work it like any "Angkie story detailing.

    He believes the turning point 10 years ago signaled a message from God to be able to fight for the existence of persons with disabilities in order to value and gain equity in existing limitations.


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