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Kantor pusat Google. Foto: Digital Trends
Google headquarters. Photo: Digital Trends
Google has announced that the company is based in Menlo Park will close his Site Search services.

Based on the e-mail sent by Google to its customers and partners, the service will begin to be closed on April 1, 2017. So that was quoted from the pages of The Techportal, Sunday (26/03/2017).

For your information, Site Search is a Google service that was designed and created specifically for the site page owners who want to add a Google search capabilities into their own artificial site.

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Due to shut down, all users will be redirected Site Search account other Google search services commercially named Custom Search Engine (CSE). Although both are made by Google services, Site Search and CSE appeared to have differences.

For example, at certain prices Site Search can display search results from the old local sites. While the CSE is a free service that you can make money by including some Google ads on the search results.

Technically, this new Site Search service will shut down access completely on April 1, 2018, or when the account is paid using the service has reached the end of his contract.

Ahead of the closure of the service in April next year, it will continue to offer customers who need technical assistance until a specified date arrives.

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