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    Researchers Discover Benefits of Prayer Movement for Health, Anything?

    Tuesday, March 14, 2017, March 14, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-15T04:24:47Z
    Ilustrasi lelaki sedang salat. (Shutterstock)
    Illustration of a man was praying. (Shutterstock)
    Prayer movement was similar yoga.

    Salat is the worship performed by Muslims. Not only as a medium to communicate with God, prayer turned out to save health benefits.

    This was revealed by a study published in the International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Researchers found when prostrate prayer movement was shown to reduce lower back pain if done regularly.

    "Movement is currently prayed like yoga or physical interventions are used to treat back pain," said researcher Dr. Mohammad Khasawneh as reported by the Daily Medical pages.

    According to him, the lifestyle and the religious factor does have benefits for physical and mental health. To find the health benefits of this prayer movement, a team of Binghamton University and the State University of New York, involving models of men and women from different ethnic backgrounds, including India, Asia and America.

    They were asked to perform movements that do Muslims prayers but with the objective of health. Researchers found, on a prostrate position increases the elasticity of the joints.

    It is very useful for those who often complain of knee pain and back.

    Research some time ago also found that the movement of prayer that Muslims do have a positive impact as yoga. Physical activity is as it is known is a therapy that is recommended for those who have joint problems.

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