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    Shaquille O'Neal: The Earth was flat!

    Monday, March 20, 2017, March 20, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-20T10:04:13Z
    Pebasket Amerika Serikat, Shaquille O'Neal (Shutterstock).
    United States basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal (Shutterstock). 

    "Are you going to say that China is right under our feet?" O'Neal.
    Entering the 21st century, when people are already talking about a flying car, a trip to Mars, traveling between solar system for planets similar to Earth's new character, there are still people who believe that the Earth was flat.

    One of them is a former star of LA Lakers basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal, was among those who still believe that the Earth is flat, open round the appropriate facts.

    The views O'Neal was revealed in a podcast titled "The Big Podcast With Shaq" which was recorded in February.

    "It is true that the Earth was flat. Earth is flat," he stated.

    "Look, there are three ways to manipulate people's minds, by reading, by what is seen and what is heard. At school, the first thing that is taught to us is, 'Oh, Columbus discovered America.' But in fact when he arrived, there were already light-skinned, with long hair was smoking a pipe, "said O'Neal.

    "What does it mean? Columbus did not discover America," said The giant center.

    He then explained the scientific evidence to show that his own version of the Earth is flat.

    "I drove from Florida to California and Earth looks flat to me. I did not find a ramp angle of 360 degrees. And about gravity, did you see the buildings in Atlanta?" beber O'Neal.

    "Are you going to say that China is right under our feet? Does China under us? Of course not, the Earth is flat," he insisted again.

    And what about the photographs of the Earth taken by satellites?

    "Satellite photos can be fabricated," O'Neal replied, "I can make a photo (with effect) circle using an iPhone, take advantage of the panoramic camera."

    But O'Neal is not the only NBA basketball player who believe that the Earth is flat. Save Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving, and Draymond Green of Golden State Warriors also do not believe that the Earth is round. (CNet)



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