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    These Secret Codes When the Queen Elizabeth II Dies ...

    Friday, March 17, 2017, March 17, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-18T03:48:09Z
    Penasaran, rutinitas apa yang dilakukan Ratu Elizabeth II setiap malam sebelum tidur?
    Out of curiosity, what do routines of Queen Elizabeth II, every night before going to bed?
    London - Queen Elizabeth II has just celebrated his birthday the 90th. Majesty the Queen looked healthy. But, who knows?

    Position and authority, do not be surprised if there are detailed plans and complete preparation in case he died. quoted on Friday (17/03/2017), has been circulating some pain grapevine queen. In fact, in June 2015, a BBC one mencuit news of the death of Prince Charles's mother.

    At the end of last year, he was attacked by a severe flu for several weeks. Every Queen Elizabeth look less healthy, concern was sticking again.

    What kind of arrangement when Queen Elizabeth died later? Here's the explanation:

    First Official sources

     Ternyata Ratu Elizabeth kerap menyampaikan kode rahasia kepada para pengawalnya lewat sebuah tas tangan.
    The Queen Elizabeth often convey a secret code to the guards through a handbag.
    Sir Christophe Geidt, personal sektretaris Queen Elizabeth, is the first official authorized sources deliver when His Majesty passed.

    Geidt will call on the Prime Minister to use a secret code to preach "the queen died."

    In the past, court officials use a code to make phone operators not to be the first to know such news.

    When King George VI died in 1952, the code used in the palace is the "Hyde Park Corner."

    Now, the secret code for the Queen Elizabeth is "London Bridge is down" -that is to say "the London Bridge has collapsed."

    The statement will initiate the beginning of Operation London Bridge - plan to inform the world that Queen Elizabeth II had died.

    After the Prime Minister told, Global Response Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Office) will be reported to the 15 government where the Queen is still the head of state, including Australia, Canada, the Bahamas, and Belize.

    Then the 36 other countries where it is still a leader even got a notice.

    Signs songs Terrible Things

    Media Inggris BBC Bentuk Tim Khusus Penangkal Berita Palsu (PA)
    British media BBC News Forms Special Team Counterfeit Deterrent (PA)
    Next, Press Association will issue a message simultaneously to the media world. This method is a breakthrough because it was once the BBC who became the first member of the royal family learned of the death. Social media and modern technology has changed that.

    Even so, the facility alert radio transmission system (RATS) of the BBC will be activated. This is a relic of the Cold War the alarm never sounded by the BBC employees only while undergoing tests.

    English news channels for decades have been preparing for coverage of the death of the Queen. According to the Guardian, the Times UK plan coverage for 11 days.

    Experts kingdom has contracted for an exclusive appearance with organizations such as Sky News and ITN. Both were reported to have practiced broadcast proclaimed the name of "Mrs. Robinson" as a designation for the Queen.

    The news anchor will wear black and coverage of the British monarchy's longest ruling is expected to last for several months.

    British radio stations have a "blue light" that lit up during the incident. The DJ will play songs dingy and play music that is not frenetic before getting into the news.

    In 2011, a former BBC producer wrote that, if people listen to Radio 1 and then "Haunted Dancehall (Nursery Remix)" by Sabres of Paradise started playing, then, "There is something terrible had happened."

    A guard dressed in mourning would put a note at the gates of Buckingham Palace and the Palace web site will be updated with a statement dark background.

    So the King of England Prince Charles

    Pangeran Charles dan Camilla. Putri Diana biasanya tidak peduli dengan segala omongan tentangnya, tapi lain ceritanya kalau omongan itu berkaitan dengan putra-putranya. (Sumber Alamy)
    Prince Charles and Camilla. Princess Diana usually do not bother with all this talk about it, but it's a different story when the talk related to his sons. (Source Alamy)
    Prince Charles becomes King Charles came to the throne, so that Prince William became Prince of Wales and Catherine became Duchess of Cambridge - formerly the title Camilla.

    Great Britain will enter a period of official mourning for 12 months and the Queen's funeral was held at the end of the second week after the beginning of the period.

    In December, Majesty the Queen announces about to withdraw from 25 of the 600 organizations that were under his protection.

    On April 21, 2017, Queen Elizabeth II will be 91 years old.


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