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Aplikasi Mozilla. [Shutterstock]
Mozilla applications. [Shutterstock]
Mozilla for the first time making the acquisition process.

Mozilla for the first time making the acquisition process. Web clipping application developers called "Pocket", to be his choice.

Pocket lets you flag content from the web and then synchronize so that it can be accessed by all sorts of devices, even when they are offline. This service applies to text, pictures and video.

Read It Later, Inc claims to have 22 million users for this service. Mozilla said that 10 million people are active users.

"Pocket contribute to our strategy to be present in the mobile phone and provides powerful tools that can be found everywhere as well as access to high quality web content, on their terms, independent of platform or a silo of content," wrote Mozilla.

Pocket will become part of Mozilla's open source efforts, but will operate as a subsidiary of the Mozilla Corporation.

Mozilla has integrated Pocket to Firefox and said that attempting to lead the two companies until they have to ability to be combined.

There is also a small problem into consideration where Pocket offers paid premium services and add links to post a feed of content recommended to the user. [Register]

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