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    Understanding Male Erection From Youth To Elderly

    Sunday, March 26, 2017, March 26, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-27T06:18:53Z
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    Erection of various age groups.
    Erection or condition of the penis hardens when aroused often concern men. Erection problems, such as erectile dysfunction or erection hardness reduction, often interfere with man during sex with a partner.

    To know more about erection problems, urologist Dr. Andrew Siegel provides exposition about the erection of various age groups.

    Dr. Siegel is also Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, USA writes, old age can be a very bad condition for a man to have an erection, as written from Health24, Sunday (03/26/2017).

    Erection before puberty

    Dr Ferdi Marais, urologist Busamed Private Hospital in Somerset West said, for boys who have not reached puberty but already erection including the fact that common.

    This is because the erection goes in the category of psychogenic erections (audio-visual stimuli or fantasies), reflexive (touch stimulation of the penis), and nocturnal (experienced normal erections during sleep).

    "Usually two types of reflexive erections and nocturnal seen in children before puberty," says Dr Marais.

    Erection 20s

    At the age of 20 years, were high-high libido. Therefore, little stimulus alone can be caused erection.

    It might even men can suddenly an erection when they do not want to erect. However, the consequences of which could lead to the possibility of risk of premature ejaculation.

    Erection 30s

    The male sex drive remains strong but not strong enough as a result of what is consumed at the age of 20 years. Men can still get an erection but the quality can not be obtained spontaneously.

    Erection 40s

    After the age of 40 years, changes in sexual function becomes more apparent. Men can usually get an erection quality was pretty good but at this age, but they require more intense physical stimulation.

    Erection 50s

    Sex is still considered important but usually reduced sexual desire. At night and morning erections become less frequent.

    Erection 60s

    Testosterone level has plummeted, leading to the sex drive is reduced. Erections can still be obtained even if takes more effort. Although erectile dysfunction becomes unavoidable condition.

    Erection 70s

    The quality of male erection feels down after reaching the age of 70 years. Spontaneous erections seldom occur.

    However, Dr Ravi Kacker, a urologist at Harvard say, the views erection down after the age of 70 years is a common misconception.

    Erection still necessary for man to achieve orgasm. Even a weak penis can be stimulated to orgasm making it possible for men in their 70s to feel sexual intimacy.


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