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    Watch out, Too Old Pake Smartphone Could Cause 5 About It!

    Wednesday, March 8, 2017, March 08, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-03-09T06:36:15Z
    Illustration of a woman using a smartphone. (Shutterstock)
    Too often using smartphones could lead to some of these things.

    Chat, photos, exist in social media, to play cool games can be done on a smartphone. No wonder if eventually many people are addicted to his smartphone really the same. Especially now that many increasingly sophisticated smartphones.

    However, it does not mean you should just indiscriminate use smartphones to forget the time. Because if you use a smartphone can be dangerous over time !

    Frequency danger using Smartphone

    Weve still smartphone was already tested in such a way to be safe for use. But all that excess is not good, right? Well, if you overuse the smartphone, might be experiencing:

    1. The Tense

    When fun playing games or chatting, eyes you would not be separated from the smartphone screen. Well, if constantly staring at a smartphone screen in a long time, your eyes will become tired and tense. Could result in diminished visibility you loh!

    2. Insomnia

    You know, the light from the screen smartphone emit blue light radiation is harmful to the eyes? In addition to making quick eye fatigue, the impact of blue light radiation also makes you so often feel uneasy.

    The continued impact of anxiety, it can make you insomnia. Therefore, you should protect your health by not using a smartphone too long at high brightness.

    3. Spinal Disorders

    You know, the weight of an average human head is 4-5 kg. Well, if you're using a smartphone for a long time with my head down, it will make bones stiff neck and back.

    Well, so you're not stiff spine and bent, it is better do not get too down when using a smartphone. And also do not be too long to use his smartphone ya!

    4. Aging

    In addition to cigarette smoke, dermatologist says that for too long looked down at smartphone also cause premature aging. The reason for this activity will make the skin of the neck, the upper part of the neck and jaw bone has slipped down premature wrinkles appear.

    5. Feeling Lonely

    Not just a negative impact on the body, too long to use the smartphone can also give a psychological impact. People who are too often immersed in a virtual world of smartphones will be easier to feel lonely.

    Why is that? Because of excessive use of smartphones will make you ignore the environment. The impact you could have shunned friends, until finally frequently turned his attention to social media.

    Scary, right? So do frequency immersed in a world that is presented smartphone. Use a smartphone as needed to respond to messages, search for information and entertain themselves naturally wrote.


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