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Pelatih Bayern Munich Carlo Ancelotti (kiri) bersalaman dengan manajer Arsenal Arsene Wenger. Ben STANSALL / AFP
Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti (left) shaking hands with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.
Bayern's 5-1 win over 10-man Arsenal

Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti felt skuatnya 5-1 win over Arsenal do not reflect what is happening in the field. Ancelotti confirmed that skuatnya still face heavy resistance against Arsenal.

Bayern reiterated recorded the same score as the first leg when they travel to the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal had led the first goal by Theo Walcott in the first round.

But Laurent Koscielny red card that generates a penalty for Bayern immediately change the situation. Robert Lewandowski who became executor of doing a good job and equalized to 1-1.

Arjen Robben, Douglas Costa and two goals from Arturo Vidal sealed the win Bayern to 5-1 in the second leg of this. But after the game, Ancelotti calling Arsene Wenger's squad played well before Koscielny in a red card.

"It's not a crazy game, is more difficult. Until the penalty the match was really tough," said Ancelotti. "Arsenal played very well for 50 minutes, giving a lot of pressure in the game."

"We have difficulties to survive and also with the ball. We made mistakes that we do not need to do. This result is not really what happens on the pitch for Arsenal play the game really well."

"With 10 people it is really hard. For us, the penalty took all the pressure that we had. We started playing with more people and we scored a lot of goals but, honestly, these results do not reflect what is happening." said Ancelotti. (Scoresway)

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