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» » » » » » » 5 Secrets of Fastfood Restaurant You Never Revealed Employees

Rahasia restoran fastfood. (Brightside)
Secret fastfood restaurant. (Brightside)
These secrets are tips and tricks to attract customers.

Food fastfood was already mushroomed since long. Wherever you can find this type of food. Fast fastfood food served even did not take long for you to eat.

However, did you think that there are some secrets of the fast food restaurants? These secrets are tips and tricks to attract customers.

Launch Brightside, following six tricks of fast food restaurants that will never be recognized employees. Anything? The following review:

1. Each menu has the same flavor

No doubt, fast food has a flavor that is almost the same because its manufacture is not much different. In this way, they can satisfy their customers.

2. The burger was cooked in a jiffy

It only takes 30 seconds to make a burger. Materials used previously frozen before taken to the kitchen.

3. The food is designed to be eaten quickly

In fast food restaurants, you only need 12 times to chew food, whereas in a regular restaurant, you chew 15 times. The less chew food makes you less satisfied so that there will be a sense of want to eat more.

4. Many colors are similar in all the fast food restaurants

Color logo design and building of fast food restaurants many predominantly red and yellow. Red and yellow color is believed to increase your appetite and can also be referred to as the theory of ketchup and mustard.

5. The menu offers other

Some experts found the fact that the waiter offered another menu when we wanted to order a specific menu. Based on the study, more than 85 percent of people order more when offered another menu.

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