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    Bannon removed from the role of National Security Council

    Wednesday, April 5, 2017, April 05, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-04-06T02:47:22Z
    steve Bannon
    steve Bannon
    Bannon OF eliminated the role of the National Security Council

    Washington - Steve Bannon, chief strategist Donald Trump President, a former seat or permanently removed from the National Security Council, several sources spun CNN, moving to a more structured traditional COUNCIL.

    DECISION of care with a knowledge source said former Trump can do, vines that after January 1st reorganization President version AUTHORIZED National Security Council for a permanent version includes Bannon Quality panel member.

    Movement is a demotion Bannon A H.R. for McMaster Victory care a trumpet Ales February for a Council favor a Michael Flynn fired after the former vice president Mike Pence misleading Had contacts with Russians an undisclosed agents. McMaster UN army lieutenant general, are currently fighting a wedge version get real influence within the White House version, Including the legacy version hiring and firing issues.
    THE title Bannon was removed from the permanent members of the National Security Council UN Posted in regulatory filing Wednesday, first reported by Bloomberg.

    Multiple sources forgot to minimize disposal. One argued that Bannon has been on the Council to ensure that not "micro-manage" foreign policy and was put on a more "operational piece."
    Other sources said that Bannon was elevated to the Council in order to keep tabs on Flynn. A source with knowledge of job Bannon described as "babysitter" Flynn on the board.
    Another said Bannon was only on board to oversee the work of Flynn to "de-operationalize" the National Security Council from its purview range was Susan Rice as, National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama.
    A source with knowledge of the move said Bannon can "still participate in any meeting" where expertise is needed.
    "In all the time he was there, he attended only one meeting directors," said the source. "He is still welcome to attend key meetings."

    The decision to lift Bannon, first was controversial because, while the order indicated that Director of National Intelligence and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff would be regular participants.
    The Committee is a group of cabinet-level agencies focused on national security, which was established by President George H. W. Bush in 1989.

    ordinary members of the Principals Committee will include Secretary of State, Treasury Secretary, Secretary of Defense, Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Security, assistant to the president and chief of staff, assistant to the president and chief strategist, national security adviser and Homeland Security Advisor.
    Former head of the CIA, Michael Morell, as criticized move in January, calling it "unprecedented" in an appearance on "CBS This Morning."
    "I've never been at a meeting of directors, where views of the DNI and the views of the president are not relevant," said Morell, who advised Hillary Clinton's campaign for president. "Each meeting begins with a briefing executives intelligence DNI."
    Joining Bannon showed also the extent of its influence within the White House, noting that the former head of News Brietbart influence extended beyond politics and domestic politics.


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