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    Bayern's Robben Feeling Robbed at Bernabeu

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017, April 18, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-04-19T02:59:53Z
    Photo: REUTERS / Susana Vera
    Photo: REUTERS / Susana Vera
    Madrid - Arjen Robben to call the match Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich as a great exciting duel to promote football. But Robben disappointed because the referee's decisions had to ruin it.

    Madrid vs Bayern match at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (04/19/2017) pm dawn, walking very interesting indeed. Both teams play open and create many scoring chances. UEFA official website reported that there were 45 trials scored in this match. A total of 26 of them do Madrid, while the remaining 19 by Bayern.

    Madrid eventually emerged as the winner in this match after beating Bayern 4-2 through extra time. The victory Los Blancos pass to the semifinals of the Champions League with a 6-3 aggregate.

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    However, the passing of Madrid also saw a number of controversies regarding the decision made by referee Viktor Kassai. Kassai reward Bayern midfielder, Arturo Vidal, with his second yellow card in the final minutes of normal time. In fact, Dachshund Vidal against Marco Asensio clean.

    After that, Kassai also endorsed the second goal Cristiano Ronaldo. A goal that changed the score was 2-2 it was printed Ronaldo in extra time from an offside position.

    After the match, Robben said he was disappointed with the leadership Kassai. In fact, he thinks the game is very enjoyable.

    "Yeah, you know in my opinion this is very unfortunate because you're watching the game as good as it was," Robben said when asked whether the Bayern Viasat had been robbed.

    "Everyone in the world is witnessing two great teams dueled with great players on the field. It was very uncomfortable to watch," he added.

    "Then the game as it was determined by the decisions of crucial from a referee. I do not like talking about referees, but you always have to look to ourselves, the mistakes you make, or what any of you. In this game, not so . decisions crucial decisive match, "said the former Madrid player.

    "This is a very nice advert for football and then it is determined by a person with a whistle," said Robben.


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