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    Get ready, Zara Open World's Largest Store!

    Thursday, April 6, 2017, April 06, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-04-08T08:59:17Z

    Ilustrasi brand fashion kenamaan, Zara. (Shutterstock)
    Illustration of the famous fashion brand Zara. (Shutterstock)

    This Friday Zara opened its biggest store in his native country Spain.

    Who does not know Zara, the Spanish retail brand founded by Ortega Armancio already spread its wings to various countries around the world. Well, no surprise to you that includes one of the fans of the Zara fashion products.

    This Friday, Zara opened their largest store in the world! So, prepare bags dann reinforced arm to carry your shopping bags yes.

    The shop area of ​​65 thousand square will be located in the 'homelands' Zara, Spain, in the city of Madrid, the financial district of Paseo de la Castellan. Wow, imagine how many rails and racks of clothes that you will see there.

    Later, Zara to 436 in Spain will sell a variety of women's clothing, men clothing, children clothes and all the accessories in one place.

    And according to reports, the store will also be equipped with the latest technology in shopping. Yes, you can feel the experience of shopping and trying on clothes in a dressing room 'smart' and mobile payments!

    It will certainly be a very pleasant shopping experience, is not it?

    Not able to visit the Spanish capital in the near future? No need to worry, because this brand is also planning to build their new flagship store in Qatar, India and Japan later this year. (



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