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Ilustrasi aplikasi Google Autodraw (YouTube/Google)

Illustration Google applications Autodraw (YouTube / Google).
Paint artificial advantage over Microsoft.

Google recently launched a new service called AutoDraw that could allow users to draw on the screen smart phone and desktop computer. This service would compete and fill the weakness of Microsoft's Paint program.

How to use AutoDraw application is very easy. You just have to carve finger on the screen smart phones and Google machine will detect patterns or objects you want to image, and then fix it in order to become better.

AutoDraw itself was developed from the technology of artificial intelligence (artificial Intelligence) Google before, Quick Draw.

Google said that AutoDraw can be used to create simple designs, such as when creating greeting cards or flyers. With this new application, you also can draw faster.

The application is developed by Google in collaboration with seven artists, artists and designers. Google itself still an opportunity for other users to enter their work in the application.

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