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    Ronaldo's hat-trick, Madrid Dismiss Bayern

    Tuesday, April 18, 2017, April 18, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-04-19T03:03:17Z
    Photo: REUTERS / Susana Vera
    Photo: REUTERS / Susana Vera
    Champion League

    Madrid - Real Madrid successfully get rid of Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarterfinals. Los Blancos qualified for the semifinals after winning 4-2 in the second leg in a match marred Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick.

    The match at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (19/04/2017) pm dawn, lasted better and generate a lot of opportunities. However, until the end of the first half, a score of glasses has not changed.


    Robert Lewandowski penalty in the 53rd minute to bring Bayern a 1-0 lead. Madrid then evened the score to 1-1 with goals from Ronaldo in the 76th minute. Sergio Ramos own goal in the 78th minute to put Bayern 2-1 ahead. In the final minutes of the second half, Bayern midfielder Arturo Vidal sent off after receiving a second yellow card.

    Up to 2x45 minutes expire, Bayern still lead 2-1. Because the aggregate score at 3-3 and no team has an away goal advantage, the match must be continued into extra time.

    In extra-time, Madrid were superior number of players scored three additional goals by Ronaldo (minutes 105 and 110) as well as Marco Asensio (112 minutes). They also qualified for the semi-finals with a 6-3 aggregate advantage.

    The game

    Walk straight games with a high tempo from the kick-off. Bayern are in a position behind the defeat in the first leg a little more to dominate the game.

    Arjen Robben get a chance in the ninth minute. He stood free in the penalty box Madrid when a loose ball came to him. However, the solution did not lead to the target instead.

    Bayern goalkeeper Madrid threatened again four minutes later, this time by Vidal. But Vidal hard kick from outside the penalty box was slightly inflated.

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    Madrid were more often suppressed an opportunity on 23 minutes. Marcelo sent in a cross from the left which was met Karim Benzema with a header. However, Benzema's header off the mark.

    Three minutes later, turn Dani Carvajal who had a chance. Carvajal fired a shot from outside the box, forcing Manuel Neuer rescue.

    Ramos almost brought Madrid ahead moments later. He grabbed a loose ball in the penalty box with a hard shot that are beyond the reach of Neuer. Bad luck for Ramos, there are Jerome Boateng to stem the ball before entering the goal.

    Toni Kroos also squandered obtained in the 35th minute. Kroos grabbed the ball pass from Carvajal, but the shot did not meet the target.

    Last chance in the first half also belonged Kroos. However, horizontal shot leads right into Neuer catches.

    Experiments Isco in the 50th minute almost led to the opening goal for Madrid. However, his shot was deviated slightly.

    Not long after, turn Robben almost Madrid goalkeeper. Sontekannya unreachable Keylor Navas, but still there is Marcelo the ball on the goal line.

    The referee awarded a penalty for Bayern in the 53rd minute after dropping Casemiro Robben. Penalty is not wasted by Lewandowski. Navas execution outwit and bring Bayern 1-0.

    Aggregate score was changed into equally strong 2-2. However, Madrid still has the advantage thanks to two away goals that they print in Munich.

    Not long after the penalty Lewandowski, Bayern actually had a golden opportunity to increase his lead. Vidal directly deal with Navas after getting feedback from the mature Robben. However, the completion of Vidal soared.

    Need one more goal to qualify, Bayern kept pounding Madrid. The home team was more often cooped up in their own territory.

    However, it was Madrid who had scored the equalizing goal as the game entered the 76th minute. Ronaldo, who previously did not have many opportunities, header past goalkeeper Bayern head to maximize cross Casemiro. Score turned 1-1 and Madrid are winning 3-2 on aggregate.

    The score did not last long. Two minutes later, Bayern winning 2-1 thanks to an own goal by Ramos. Ramos intends to keep the ball from Thomas Mueller, but instead pushed it into his own goal. Navas who had already developed could not do much. Aggregate is now 3-3 and no team has the advantage in terms of away goals.

    Entering the 84th minute, Bayern lost one player. Vidal had to leave the pitch due to a second yellow card due to tekelnya against Asensio. Replays showed that the actual net Vidal tackle.

    Until the completion of normal time, the score did not change. The match must be continued into extra time.

    Advantage of players make more dominating Madrid in extra time. Asensio has a chance in the 98th minute, but his shot was countered Neuer.

    When the game entered the 105th minute, Ronaldo scored his second goal to equalize the score was 2-2. After receiving feedback from the mature Ramos, he passed Bayern goalkeeper left foot shot


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