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    3 Reasons Real Madrid Will Not Fail Champions League Spanish

    Friday, May 19, 2017, May 19, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-05-20T02:37:31Z
    Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos (right) celebrates Cristiano Ronaldo's goal in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final at the Allianz Arena on Thursday (13/4/2017). (AP Photo / Andreas Gebert)
    Madrid - Real Madrid need just one more point to ensure the Spanish League title 2016/17. This determination will lie when Real Madrid travel to the headquarters of Malaga in La Rosaleda on Sunday or Monday (22/05/2017) early morning hrs.

    Real Madrid has passed the challenge for the challenge well. Including completing the match delay dealing with Celta Vigo with a score of 4-1.

    Many who judge if the game was a real determinant of Real Madrid can win the Spanish League. In fact, Real Madrid must live one away game against Malaga.

    Many also leveraged Tenerife trauma experienced by Real Madrid in 1991/92. In the last game, Tenerife beat Madrid and give the title to Barcelona.

    Marca believes, events in Tenerife will not be repeated. Here are 5 reasons that make Real Madrid will not fail the Spanish League champions:

    More Convincing

    Real Madrid Pesta Gol ke Gawang Legia Warszaw updetails.com
    Real Madrid player expression, Marcelo after his team win over Legia Warszawa in Group F Champions League match at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, Madrid, Wednesday (19/10/2016) early morning hrs. (REUTERS / Sergio Perez)
    Real Madrid under the care of Zinedine Zidane is believed to be more convincing than Real Madrid in the era of Leo Benhakker in 1991/92. At that time, the condition of the title race is the same as this season.

    Real Madrid also lead 2 points in the standings. Real Madrid must win because if pitted head to head with Barcelona coached Johan Cruyff, Real Madrid will fail.

    At that time, Barcelona is superior goal difference. Thus, Madrid must win against Tenerife. In fact, Madrid even uprooted and should relegate the title to the eternal rivals Barcelona.

    This is what distinguishes that season with the current season. Madrid just need a draw in this fight. Origin is not lost, Madrid can still bring the championship trophy.

    Tough in the Away Tour

    Real Madrid Bantai Celta Vigo updetails.com
    Players Real Madrid Celebration after goalkeeper Celta Vigo (AFP)
    Real Madrid in the era of 1991/92 is also not tough in away games. Unlike Madrid this season that appear convincing when away games.

    In the Champions League, Real Madrid even sluggish when playing at home. They actually go crazy when away games

    At that time, Madrid could only win one game from 12 away games. Victory is earned against Albacete. While the rest 7 defeats and 4 draws.

    While Madrid this season is very scary. Total, Madrid only lost twice in away games (Sevilla and Valencia with the score 2-1) plus home games against Barcelona in El Clasico.

    Madrid also fierce in away games with a net capable 54 goals. The number of goals is more than 4 goals from home games. The irony is not it?

    Ronaldo on Fire

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid Updetails.com
    Cristiano Ronaldo became the star of Real Madrid's 4-1 victory over Celta Vigo. 
    One more reason that makes Madrid this season will not fail Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid star is on fire at the right time.

    How not, Ronaldo has scored 13 goals in the last 10 games. The details are 5 goals to Munchen, 3 goals against Atletico and one against Valencia, two against Sevilla and two against Celta Vigo.

    Ronaldo was in a fit physical condition. That way, it is not a difficult thing for him to score again against Malaga.

    In some previous meetings, Ronaldo is often difficult to score goals against Malaga. But with such a good trend now, Ronaldo seemed difficult to stop. Even if he does not score, Ronaldo sometimes gives assists for his colleagues.


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