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    5 Android Features, Rarely Known, Anything?

    Monday, May 1, 2017, May 01, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-05-02T02:22:22Z
    Illustration of Android smartphone. (Doc: Tech Radar)
    Android smartphone capabilities undeniably growing and more qualified. Starting from just a communication tool, smartphone now comes with more diverse features.

    But not all users know the various features offered by Android smartphone. For that, here are five functions of Android devices are sometimes not known to all users.

    Although simple, some of these functions can actually maximize the use of smartphones. So, what are the functions? Here are five hidden features of Android quoted from Android Pit, Saturday (05/01/2017)

    1. Run a voice command when the screen is locked

    A number of Android smartphones actually have the feature enable voice-based search, even though the state of the screen is locked once. But this function only works on devices that have activated the sound detection system.

    To enable it, just open "Google Settings", then select "Search and Google Now". After that select "Voice", continued "Ok Google detection" and activate "Always On". Now you just say "Ok Google" when activating it.

    2. Shut down and reset the smartphone remotely

    Losing a smartphone is a very annoying thing. Moreover, if it happens because of negligence or criminal acts committed by others.

    Fortunately, Google has a feature called Android Device Manager that can be used to remotely control the device. Through this feature, you can remove and even reset the device to factory reset mode to prevent data being misused.

    3. Become a compass or barometer

    Mobile Application Illustration, Android App, Ponse App, Smartphone App. Credit: Freepik / photoroyalty
    The presence of a number of sensors on Android smartphones turned out to function for a variety of functions. You simply install the available apps to take advantage of the functionality.

    If interested in utilizing a smartphone as a compass, you simply install an application such as Smart Compass or AndroiTS Compass Free. While the device with a barometer, can use the DashClock Altimeter Barometer to maximize it.

    4. Scan documents

    No doubt, the scanner machine (scanner) is still quite attractive considering the use of paper is still high. But you know, a smartphone can also be used as a mobile document scanner.

    Although the results are not too good, this ability is somewhat helpful for users who often need the scanning process quickly and directly. You simply install an app like CamScanner or Evernote to turn your smartphone into a scanner.

    5. Opening Chrome tabs from other devices

    Users who frequently perform activities with multiple devices, this feature of Google Chrome will be helpful. The reason is that you can open Chrome tabs from other devices right from your Android smartphone.

    But keep in mind, when you take advantage of this feature, accounts that are entered in Chrome must be the same. Later, when you want to open a new tab on your smartphone, tab options coming from other devices will appear.


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