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» » » » » » » » » » Beware Shock, Twice Changed So Alien Gara-Gara Signal Love Not Up in MV 'Signal'

Twice Signal.
Twice Signal.
Official comeback, Twice more cheerful and cute on the MV title track 'Signal'.
Fun! Twice finally officially comeback with a new mini album, Monday (15/5). Along with that, Jihyo cs released a music video of the main song titled "Signal".

After a mystery, finally revealed the concept of aliens and aliens that appear in the MV "Signal". Apparently, Twice likens the figure of a person who likes a long time can not also receive their love signal.

Carrying beat and cheerful music, the single "Signal" shows a different side of the previous Twice. But of course, Twice's unique feature with unique choreography has always been an identity in every song they release.

Duration 4 minutes, fans will be made a shock with the end of the MV "Signal". How not, Tzuyu cs that was originally beautiful and dazzling suddenly turned into an alien.

On the other hand, Twice does not seem to be promoting too long in the music event for the comeback this time. The reason, JYP Entertainment's upbringing group should immediately prepare a Japanese debut which is scheduled on June 28, 2017.

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