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Important Lessons from the WannaCry Ransomware Attack Case

Serangan Wannacry
Wannacry Attacks
The Ransomware Wannacry attack has racked at least 99 countries in the world, including in Indonesia. This malicious program (malware) has been attacking computer devices that use Windows 8 operating system and previous versions. This malware also locks important data in it and asks for ransom if it wants the data can be accessed again.

Representative of Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Internet Infrastructure (ID-SIRTII), Adi Jaelani revealed, WannaCry Ransomware attacks actually will not work if Windows users diligently update patch to patch the security gaps. Because in fact Microsoft itself as the owner of Windows operating system has released patch MS17-010 ( in March 2017 ago.

Unfortunately in the case of Ransomware WannaCry attacks, most systems have not been updated so that the resulting number of infected malware is so great.

"This is an important lesson for us together, if the IT admin (tech information) are diligent in patching Windows, their device will not be exposed to Wanscry Ransomware attacks, although the update is always issued by Microsoft to patch the security gaps that allow malicious programs Attack, "said Adi Jaelani, Jakarta, Monday (15/5).

In addition, Adi also reminded to always be careful when opening documents from emails that are not recognized. The reason Ransomware often enter via hoax or phishing email. To add defense protection, it is advisable to use AntiVirus.

Meanwhile, Threat Lab Team Lead at Avast, Jakub Kroustek, said, until now the Avast has done 195.000 detection Ransomware WannaCry around the world. Especially in Indonesia alone, he added, found 320 detection.

"The word Detection itself means, Avast has managed to protect its users against such cyber attacks," said Jacob.

Ransomeware WannaCry uses tools developed by the US National Security Agency's NSA (National Security Agency). This tool successfully leaked by a group of hackers named Shadow Brokers.The findings of French researchers said that the tool has a code EternalBlue that has the ability to exploit gaps in Microsoft Windows.

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