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    The Acehnese Naufal Raziq's Acehnese Child Discovered the Energy-Friendly Kedondong Tree

    Friday, May 19, 2017, May 19, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-05-20T02:58:51Z
    Keingintahuan dan semangat yang tinggi mendorong Naufal untuk bereksperimen dengan berbagai metode menghasilkan listrik.
    Curiosity and high spirits prompted Naufal to experiment
    with various methods of generating electricity.
    Aceh - Naufal Raziq name sticking out after successfully finding electrical energy from the tree kedondong fence. This is a feat for Indonesia itself, because there are children of the nation can create electricity with energy sources that are not commonly used.

    Students of State Madrasah Tsanawiyah (MTsN) 1 Langsa Aceh is telling the beginning of the research he did until he could find the electrical energy in the tree kedondong fence.

    Naufal was inspired to seek electricity from the plant when sitting in class VII. At that time he studied the electrical voltage of the potatoes inserted into the copper slab.

    "So that's where Naufal was inspired to find electricity from the fence kedondong," said Naufal, at the office of the Indonesia Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Friday (19/05/2017).

    Naufal who aspires to be a scientist in the field of electricity is consistent to develop the lesson. He is looking for fruit whose tree has a high acid content in order to produce a large electrical voltage.

    He tried on some fruits like mango, starfruit and tamarind. But the fruit tree is easy to decompose when exfoliated.

    For three years Naufal with the help of his father examined various trees. Finally, the first child of three brothers found the tree kedondong fence. The tree is chosen because of its large size and easy to grow and also if peeled skin is not easy to rot.

    "So each of the trees there are advantages, why I use kedondong fence because it has large stems and easy growth.If we open the skin does not foul instead grow themselves, recover," said Naufal who is currently moving to improve education to the Senior High School.

    To generate electricity, the tree is perforated and then inserted copper and metal that has been wrapped in cloth and tissues, in order to absorb the acid in the tree.

    Then from the copper metal that is inserted into the existing hole in the tree trunk, it is connected by a cable to conduct a converted electric current into a DC (DC), with an inverter. After that new connected to electronic devices.

    According to the child born March 20, 2002, for a hole in the tree can produce a voltage of 1 volt or one energy-saving lamp, while one po hon kedodong fence there can be four holes. To create a series of electric two lights require funds IDR 1.2 million.

    "So if you want to increase the voltage we just add the same equipment tree, one tree we can have four holes, it can turn on for lighting 4 trees 1 lamp type hanoks or energy saving lamps," said Naufal.

    Parents Naufal Supriaman will continue to encourage his son to do research to produce a larger work.
    "After he succeeded we continue to provide support in the form of materials and new ideas, initially this idea is from Naufal itself," he concluded.


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