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    The Love Story of the French Presidential Candidate and His Older Wife 24 Years

    Sunday, May 7, 2017, May 07, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-05-08T05:49:13Z
    UPDETAILS.COM Emmanuel Macron dan istrinya Brigitte.
    Thesun. Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte.
    Brigitte Trogneux, became a woman who became a hot talk not only in France but also around the world.
    She is twenty-four years older than her husband, the French Presidential Candidate, Emmanuel Macron.
    Brigitte Trogneux is considered the most modern first lady candidate at the Élysée Palace.
    This couple always appear intimate in public.
    Finally, Macron kissed her wife's lips, while winning in the first round of the French elections, just last.
    Macron also often praised his wife who he called greatly contributing to his life - shaping how he became the figure as it is today.
    Initially, Brigitte Trogneux has become a conversation when Macron emerged as the strongest candidate in the 2017 presidential election of France.
    The story of Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte's encounter begins in Amiens, a quiet town in northern France.
    Brigitte is a French and Latin teacher at La Providence, Amiens.
    In addition, he was the advisor of the theater group, where Emmanuel Macron when he was 15 years old became its members.

    After the theater performance, Macron kissed the cheek of his mentor who was then 40 years old, and fell in love.
    At the age of 17, Macron was determined to marry Brigitte.
    In Emmanuel Macron's book: A Perfect Young Man by Anne Fulda, Macron's parents sent Trogneux away from their son, at least until he was 18 years old.
    Macron was sent to Paris to complete the study. But the distance did not hinder their relationship.
    Brigitte divorced from her husband, and in 2007 married Macron.
    From her previous husband, Brigitte had three children. His youngest son, Tiphaine Auziere (30) works on Macron's campaign team.
    He calls his stepfather an extraordinary and intelligent personality.
    Trogneux's eldest son, Sebastien, is two years older than Macron.
    While the middle child is Brigitte, Laurence, Macron's age and was in the same class when Brigitte first met Macron.
    If Macron wins, do not expect Trogneux to suddenly stop playing a major role in his life at work.

    "If I'm elected - no, sorry, when we're elected, he'll be there, with his own role," Macron said.
    "I owe him a lot, he helps me be myself."
    L'Express noted that the BrigitteTrogneux family is famous in northern France for its chocolate.
    Brigitte's cousin, Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, led a family business that in 2013 alone earned four million euros.
    Chocolate can be ordered online.The most famous products of the company are Macarons or Macrons d'Amiens. A coincidental name is not it?
    Macron explains that he and his wife have decided not to have children.
    From Brigitte's children to their former husband, the couple has now got seven grandchildren.
    Macron mentions, "without being a biological child and grandchild, I overwhelmed them with love."
    Brigitte played an active role in the campaign, advising her and setting her agenda.
    "Emmanuel Macron will not be able to start a political career without the help of his wife," said Marc Ferracci, a campaign adviser and witness to the couple's marriage in 2007.
    "Brigitte's presence is very important to him," Ferracci said.


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