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    The Magic Lake in India, This Island Can Be Your Own Motion

    Friday, May 19, 2017, May 19, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-05-19T08:57:35Z
    Danau Loktak yang unik di India (Incredible India)
    Lake Loktak unique in India (Incredible India)
    Calcutta - Many still do not know if India has a unique lake. Inside the lake there is a rounded island that can change and move on its own.

    Viewed from the official site of Indian tourism, Thursday (18/05/2017) they have a unique lake named Lake Loktak. Lake Loktak is located in Manipur Province India bordering Myanmar, 1 hour flight from Calcutta.

    Unlike lakes in general that contain only water, Loktak contains small islands of strong plants and can move in accordance with the seasons.

    Indian society calls these small islands Phumdi. Phumdi is home to a variety of animal species.

    Island ring named Phumdi (Incredible India)
    This tiny island cluster looks like a ring. In the center has a deeper surface than the edge.

    As the dry season and the lake water recede, the roots of plants in Phumdi reach the bottom of the lake to absorb nutrients. As the rainy season and water overflow, the roots are cut off so that Phumdi returns to float.

    If move-move means Phumdi is uninhabited? Very wrong.

    Although it can be mobile, it does not mean Phumdi is not inhabited by humans. Khangpoks, Phumdi largest in Lake Loktak, inhabited by 4,000 people. There are small cottages that make it look like a settlement on Lake Titicaca, Peru.

    Phumdi can move and change (Incredible India)
    Phumdi on Lake Loktak is the only floating National Park in the world. The existence of Phumdi is also beneficial for conservation efforts of rare reindeer species called Sangai by locals. Sangai can only live around the lake.

    Unfortunately, Phumdi is now a near extinct phenomenon. The hydroelectric project at Lake Loktak raises the lake's surface.

    So that Phumdi can not drown, the roots of plants can not reach the bottom of the lake. The edge of Phumdi is getting thinner every year. Therefore, tourists who visit Lake Loktak also must maintain the environment and ecosystem in place.

    Residents living in Phumdi (Incredible India)



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