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» » » » » » » » » This is a risk if one uses condoms

Ilustrasi kondom. (Shutterstock)
Illustration of condom. (Shutterstock)
What is the right way to use a condom? Consider the explanation from health experts.

Condoms are the most effective male contraceptive tool to prevent unwanted pregnancies. But sometimes, these contraceptives fail to prevent pregnancy if they do not understand how to use them.

According to dr. Heru H. Oentoeng, Sp. And, 0.3 percent of condoms fail to prevent one pregnancy, because of the wrong way of using it.

He said condoms should be worn when the penis is erect. Make sure, he said, men use condoms after foreplay.

"The way to install it is also mandatory, hold the tip of the condom so that air does not come in. This is to ensure that condoms do not erupt or leak," Heru told a recent media briefing.

In addition condom storage, he added, should also be considered. Avoid overlapping the condom with other objects, because it can damage the function of condom protection in preventing the semen out.

"Temperature of storage should also be considered, do not put in place of high temperatures because condoms made from latex are easily damaged if exposed to heat," explained Heru.

If you want to use a lubricant, it is advisable to choose a water-based lubricant. Avoid using body lotion or baby oil that can damage the material condom.

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