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    Though Tiny, 5 Houses This Price is Exorbitant

    Friday, May 19, 2017, May 19, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-05-20T04:09:52Z
    Not always a tiny house priced at affordable prices.
    Some of the following homes precisely the price super.
    Not always a tiny house priced at affordable prices. Some of the following homes precisely cost a Highly Price for a house the size.

    Even so, the lifestyle has a small house is becoming a trend in America and Europe. Increasing property prices and population growth, making people glance at small houses. But how, yes, if the price is very high like homes in the United States.

    Santa Barbara

    Home in the area of ​​Santa Barbara, California is dominated exposed brick wall is an area of ​​approximately 47 square meters. The page is quite large, ie more than 1 hectare, but the area of ​​his house is very limited. The brightly colored doors are the hallmark of this house. The price of this house almost reached IDR 7 billion!

    This house in Santa Barbara is rustic themed. Its vast land makes it expensive.

    Its location on the coast in Cape Cod, Massachusetts makes this house very expensive. The extent alone is no more than 71 square meters.

    The decor inside is a bit old-fashioned, including the three rooms in it. However, the house is sold for more than IDR 12 billion.
    With an area of ​​71m2, this house is given a price of IDR 71 billions!

    Area of ​​the house in West Point, Texas is about 30 square meters. Most of the furniture is made of wood. The room itself includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and a very narrow dining room.

    Wood shades used can be an inspiration for your tiny home.
    In fact, the two rooms are a doorless attic room. However, this modest home is valued at more than IDR 5.7 billion.

    Los Angeles

    This house was built since 1919 with an area of ​​only 60 square meters in the interior only-the terrace of his house is not included in the area of ​​the house. But, the building continues to be enhanced and redecorated to keep appearing modern. If interested in this house, prepare a fund of IDR 7.9 billion.

    This house was built almost a century ago. Worth the expensive price.

    This elongated house has an area of ​​79 square meters. The dominance of white color in the room in it at first glance makes the house look spacious, but the width is quite narrow.

    Although its small size does not make a house that is located not far from downtown Seattle has a price slant, it's selling price reached IDR 6.6 billion.

    Choice of interior color of this house can be imitated to be applied to your minimalist home.
    Photo: BusinessInsider

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