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Tips on Accelerating Internet Connection on Android

Android Nougat. Source: gearopen
Super fast internet connection on mobile devices is everyone's dream. But sometimes the internet connection is still just slow, but mobile phone network signal is full.

In this case, fast internet access does not always depend on a stable network or sufficient internet quota. There is something else that escapes us. Anything?

You can try these four tips to speed up internet connection on your Android device. Check out the team's review below:

1. Network "3G Only" or "4G Only"

Typically, Android devices have options on network settings (cellular network), namely 3G Only, 4G Only, or WCDMA. Try not to select WCDMA network option because the signal will enter 2G or EDGE network.

Simply select the option "3G Only" or "4G Only". Then, select operator network search instead of manual. This will make your cellular network more stable.

2. Close Unnecessary Applications

While being engrossed in mobile phones, we unconsciously often let many apps open and running. In fact, it can slow you the performance of your phone.

Especially when you're downloading or browsing on the internet, you should close the application is running or unnecessary. The more applications open, the more RAM will be full.

4. Turn off Tethering Features

Thetering is a kind of hotspot on the phone. This means you can make your phone as "MiFi" and share internet connection to your friends.

However, because your internet network is divided, it means you must be ready to share bandwidth with other devices. This will make your internet connection slow.

5. Deleting the Cache

One of the most important things you never think about is the cache in the storage memory as well as the "History" of your browser. Occasionally clear the cache on your phone so that the phone can work well and you can access the internet smoothly.

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