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» » » » » » » » » » » Youth Identity 22 Years of Conquering WannaCry Scattered

Marcus (kiri) bersama teman wanitanya. Foto: istimewa
Marcus (left) with his girlfriend. Photos: special
Ransomeware WannaCry successfully tamed 22-year-old youth who initially only wanted to be called under the pseudonym MalwareTech. Now his identity is revealed already.

His name is Marcus Hutchsins. He is considered a hero after conquering WannaCry so as not to spread further. Marcus admitted to doing it accidentally.

Initially he analyzed the WannaCry sample and found that the ransomeware was connected to an unregistered web address. He then registered the domain, something he used to do to investigate cyber threats.

Action that turned out to be a surefire way to stop WannaCry act. The ransomware suddenly becomes non-active once the domain is registered. So WannaCry infection was very much slowed down after it had infected about 200 thousand computers in 150 countries.

Quoted from the Guardian, Marcus initially did not want to reveal his identity. But the media in England managed to find who he is and now inevitably, Marcus also appear to the public.

Marcus lives in his family's home, in a small bedroom and works in the south of England. He worked remotely for a US security company, Kryptos Logic.

"I went out to lunch with my friend and came back in the afternoon when I saw a lot of articles about hospitals in Britain in attack, I found the malware sample and saw it connect to a specific, unlisted domain," the story then registers the domain .

"I really do not know what I was doing at the time, that registering the domain was able to stop the malware, so in my CV I can only write once accidentally stop the international cyber attacks," he joked.

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