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    Advertising Honda Jazz Facelift Passed Sensor, Soon Release ??

    Tuesday, June 13, 2017, June 13, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-06-13T09:04:19Z

    Given over a month back, Thailand and Malaysia have successfully released a refresher model from Honda Jazz. And if the two ASEAN countries have already released Honda Jazz Facelift, then of course Indonesia's current turn, and the signal towards it is getting stronger.

    The latest news shows that the Honda Jazz Facelift television commercial has been completed, and has even passed the sensor test at the Film Censorship Institute (LSF). So we can be sure that TV commercials for the Honda Jazz Facelift are ready to run, or at least maybe we will get a teaser in the near future. Certainty pass the sensor Honda Jazz Facelift advertising itself can be shown with data from LSF as in the attached picture.

    The ad is worked on by PT. Magentha Prima with 60 seconds of video duration. The ad that passed the sensor on June 7, 2017 ago shows Honda Jazz Facelift with the tagline "Live Up The Hype". Tagline itself can be assumed that the Honda Indonesia under PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) want to revive the hatchback that had Hype at the beginning of its presence in Indonesia one decade ago.

    With the news pass the sensor Honda Jazz Facelift ads, of course we can expect that this car will soon release in Indonesia, at least moment Gaikindo Indonesia International Motor Show 2017 can be utilized to release a facelift version of Honda Jazz. Honda Jazz Facelift itself will bring changes in the exterior with LED lights new reflector model, new grille, front and rear bumpers and some other changes that you can see in the article Honda Jazz Facelift version of Thailand. For the affairs of the engine itself, Honda is predicted to maintain the i-VTEC engine 1.500cc-powered 120 PS in the Honda Jazz sold today.

    So, for those of you who have a crush with Honda Jazz Facelift, then you should take a little patience, because the signal is already strong and certainly not take long. What do you think? Is anyone interested to buy Honda Jazz Facelift ?? Convey your comments yes.


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