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    Juve Wins Greatest Revenue Money Champions League Championship Rights

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017, June 06, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-06-07T03:15:48Z

    Ekspresi pemain Juventus pada akhir Final Liga Champions Eropa di Cardiff, Ahad (4/6) updetails.com

    The expression of Juventus players at the end of the European Champions League Final in Cardiff on Sunday (4/6)
    TURIN - Despite failing to win the Champions League trophy against Real Madrid at Millennium Stadium, Cardif, Wales, Sunday (4/6) early morning hrs. The Bianconeri are the team that gets the biggest money ration when compared to the other teams.

    Defeat is very painful, especially the long wait to embrace the trophy Big Si Kuping often broken at the end of the story (the final). However, leave the disappointment because there is still one thing to be grateful to Juventus.

    La Vecchia Signora is the only club that is the biggest money ration of Champions League television broadcasting posts. UEFA rules about television broadcast rights money is different from the domestic league. UEFA distributes money based on the market pool of each participating country.

    That is, every country has a different quota, according to their sale value. After that, the quota is divided into all participating clubs, according to their achievements.

    In Italy, it should be shared by three teams; Juventus, Napoli and AS Roma. But because Roma can not afford to qualify for the group phase, the money is finally divided by Juventus and Napoli only. Then Napoli also eliminated in the round of 16 large. That is, money broadcast rights from the quarter-finals to the finals are all given to Sigonar Omicidi.

    According to Calcie E Finanza Adapted Football Italia, on Tuesday (6/6), Juventus get 109.2 million euros from television rights. While Real Madrid who became champion received 80.9 million euros. This is quite reasonable considering Atletico Madrid reached the semifinals, Barcelona reached the quarter-finals and Sevilla reached the round of 16 large.

    The money received by Juventus was the highest record in Champions League history. The previous highest record was also listed Juventus with a value of 89.1 million euros in the 2014/2015 season.


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