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    MU Exceeds Real Madrid as Richest Club in the World

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017, June 06, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-06-07T03:19:59Z
    Manchester United team won the Europa League victory at the award of trophies for Champion in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday (25/5) 
    NEW YORK - Business magazine from the United States, Forbes, launch the world's richest football clubs after season 2016/2017 competition. Manchester United became the richest soccer club with valuation value reached 3.69 billion US dollars.

    This became the first time United became the richest club in the world since five years ago. One of United's biggest revenue, according to Forbes, is the success of maintaining the club's brand and is supported by an aggressive marketing strategy.

    United are able to shift the position of Real Madrid, who occupies the position of the richest club last year. In fact, if judging the achievements in the field, Real Madrid can become champions of La Liga and Champions League champions. While United became champions in the Europa League. "Manchester United managed to occupy the top of the list of richest clubs because of the strength of the brand that has been well established and sharpness of their marketing is quite great," said Managing Editor Forbes, Mike Ozanian, as quoted by AFP.

    Based on a Forbes survey, United became the most profitable club, with a profit of 288 million dollars, 107 million dollars more than Real Madrid. Throughout the 2015/2016 season, United managed to record profits reached 765 million US dollars.

    The second rank in the list of the richest club is occupied by Barcelona, ​​with valuation value reached 3.64 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, Real Madrid is in third position with a valuation of 3.58 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, the fourth and fifth positions occupied by Bayern Munich and Manchester City.

    Here's a list of Forbes richest clubs:

    1) Manchester United - 3.69 billion US dollars
    2) Barcelona - 3.64 billion US dollars
    3) Real Madrid - 3.5 billion US dollars
    4) Bayern Munich - 2.71 billion US dollars
    5) Manchester City - 2.08 billion US dollars
    6) Arsenal - 1.93 billion US dollars
    7) Chelsea - 1.85 billion US dollars
    8) Liverpool - 1.49 billion US dollars
    9) Juventus - 1.26 billion US dollars
    10) Tottenham - 1.06 billion US dollars


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