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    The legendary story of Shalahuddin Al-Ayyubi

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017, June 06, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-06-07T03:11:17Z
    Know Shalahuddin Al-Ayyubi

    The Sultan's story has become a folktale, legendary, and inspiring. His prowess in diplomacy was one seen in his military encounter with King Richard "The Lion Heart" on the third Crusade.

    However, in addition to his diplomacy and military accomplishments, Saladin's figure continues to be remembered for his ability to unite many of the Muslim world as well as his glory and wisdom, both within and outside of warfare. Karen Armstrong in his Holy War describes, when Saladin and the Islamic forces liberated Palestine, no Christian was killed. There is no seizure of property.

    "The amount of ransom is very low. Saladin burst into tears as he saw many families divided by war. He also freed many prisoners, according to the Koran's appeal, "said Armstrong.

    The admiration of Saladin did not come only from Muslims. Justice and statehood also make Christians who at that time lived in Jerusalem amazed amazed. It is said that one day an elderly Christian asked Saladin. "Why do not you respond to your enemies?"

    Saladin replied, "Islam is not a vengeful religion and it even prevents a person from doing an inhumane thing. Islam tells his people to keep their promises, forgive the mistakes of others who apologize, and forget the enemy's cruelty even before they oppress us. "

    Hearing the answer, the old man's heart shouted and said, "What a wonderful religion you are! Then, at the end of my life, how will I embrace your religion? "Saladin replied," Speak the two creeds. "For all the glory, the lecturer of the University of London and the author of several books on the Crusade, Jonathan Phillips, calls Saladin the main hero of the Ummah Islam.



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