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    Mercedes Benz X-Class Glide, As Expected?

    Wednesday, July 19, 2017, July 19, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-07-19T09:37:54Z

    Mercedes finally marks a new era of a segment that is actually unexpected - suspected to be seriously by the German manufacturer, the double cabin market. On Wednesday, July 19, 2017 yesterday, finally double cabin Mercedes Benz X-Class was released as well. And whether the Mercedes Benz X-Class has met the expectations of the automotive people in accordance with the concept model introduced in October 2016 ago? Check it out.

    Mercedes Benz X-Class comes as the first generation in the double cabin segment owned by the German premium brand. Mercedes Benz X-Class itself will have three variants that each - each will be tailored to the needs of the prospective customers. For those who need Mercedes Benz X-Class for work needs, then there is the Mercedes Benz X-Class Pure. As for daily users who require double cabin for daily mobility Mercedes Benz provides Mercedes Benz X-Class Progressive. And lastly if you want double cabin to preen and road in urban, then there is Mercedes Benz X-Class Power.

    Whichever variant is chosen by the consumer, the Mercedes Benz X-Class will still provide a practical back and equipped with a cargo lighting area as well as a 12-volt socket that can be used as a power source for some equipment such as air compressors and electric saws and drills. Mercedes Benz X-Class is also equipped with LED main lights that have a design that is quite different from the concept version, but still shows the characteristics of a present Mercy. While on the back side, Mercedes Benz X-Class has a vertical rear light with a door that can be opened up to 180 degrees.

    For interior affairs, you can not expect this car will be as luxurious as his brothers in the class sedan or luxury concept version, but that does not mean the interior of the Mercedes Benz X-Class is bad. The dashboard design of the Mercedes Benz X-Class is more practical and there are some sporty impression that comes with the use of a round air-grille lattice and carbon-patterned ornaments on the dashboard. In addition, the use of 3-wheel steering wheel model is also quite good and for the chair, leather option is present in certain variants but for the lowest variant will still use a regular fabric coating. For the high variants will also come dashboard wrapped in leather with wooden trim and also infotainment system in the form of touch screen with 8.4 inch wide screen.

    While for the kitchen runway, the Mercedes Benz X-Class itself while only to be offered in two engine options only, that is for the Mercedes Benz X 220 d will use a 2,300 cc Turbo diesel engine with maximum power of 163 PS, while a more powerful engine variant is present in Mercedes Benz X 250 d with Biturbo Diesel engine aka two turbo with maximum power of 190 PS. Mercedes Benz X-Class itself is planned to have several new engine variants, including the Mercedes Benz X 200 which will have a powerful 165 PS engine and also the most expensive variant of the Mercedes Benz X 350 who will carry a 285 PS V6 power engine with 550 Nm of torque.

    Whatever variant of the machine will be selected by consumers, Mercedes Benz X-Class will provide two choices only transmission, which is a six-speed manual transmission or seven-speed automatic transmission. Both transmissions will power from the engine to the rear-wheel drive that is present as standard, but if you need more propulsion, then the AWD variant will soon be provided by the manufacturer. And for business ability as a double cabin, Mercedes Benz X-Class no doubt. Mercedes Benz X-Class is able to work completely as a double cabin with a frame base ladder frame and solid rear axle.

    The Mercedes Benz X-Class is capable of lifting weights up to 1.2 tons which is equivalent to 17 drum beers, or if required, the car is also able to pull the load up to 3.8 tons or the equivalent of pulling a trail containing three horses. For its ability to hit the rough terrain, the Mercedes Benz X-Class is equipped with ground clearance as high as 202 mm which can rise to 222 mm with a special off road suspension that comes as optional. The Mercedes Benz X-Class also has an approach / departure angle with numbers up to 30.1 degrees and 25.9 degrees. Mercedes Benz X-Class itself will be sold later this year, namely November 2017 in continental Europe. For the German market, Mercedes Benz X-Class priced starting price 37,294 Euro or equivalent to 572,8 million Rupiah. Mercedes Benz X-Class itself will be marketed in several other countries such as Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa.

    How do you think this Mercedes Benz X-Class? It's double cabin you know, but this is also Mercy. Interesting course to see the lunge of the Mercedes Benz X-Class in the future.



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