Cool, Superbike Fly from Russia

hoversurf: Photo
Superbike flying has started busy discussed in the world. A company in Russia is also developing a motor called Hoverbike, a flying motor! quotes from its official website, Hoversurf is a company that develops flying motors, drones taxis and cargo drones. For the motor fly the original a drone but the body like a motorcycle is estimated to cost IDR 533 million-1 billion. In the motor body mounted 4 propellers in 4 corners.

Jam has many functions, the head of Hover Serf, Alexander Atamanov, claimed HoverBike platform called Scorpion Hoverbike has a promising driving safety standards though still in the testing phase.

"Everything is safe, and can even be used for extreme sports, or racing competitions," he said.

The development of the development of the flying motor was significant. Some engineers and entrepreneurs are already planning to use flying motors for recreation and transportation, as well as for search and rescue, law enforcement. But to make it happen requires a large investment. Hoversurf also asked for public funding (crowdfunding) for their flying motor project to materialize.

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