Looks Like Water, Drink It Turns Out Have Flavored Milk Tea!

Although called milk tea, but this product precisely without the form of tea and milk. What exactly is this drink mix?

Japanese company Suntory re-experiments with its products. Now there is a tea milk drink or milk tea that looks like water! Rocketnews24 (10/9) reported that the product named Suntory Premium Morning Tea Milk will be sold on 26 September.

Transparent colored milk tea like mineral water uses assam tea leaves for its flavor.

There is also the use of ingredients derived from undisclosed milk. The use of such ingredients can stimulate the taste of milk. So as to produce a fresh taste that is suitable as a friend breakfast.

Suntory Premium Morning Tea Milk is marketed with 550 ml bottle. Each bottle costs 131 yen (Rp). Previously, Suntory brought out water with lemon tea flavor. Although it sounds weird, but it turns out a lot of devotees. The water really has a taste like lemon tea.

In addition, in 2015 there is also clear colored water yogurt flavor. This also includes a unique product from Suntory.

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