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    No Origin Printing, Recognize Car Specification Data Before Buying

    Friday, September 8, 2017, September 08, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-09-09T06:33:36Z

    Perhaps many of you are planning to buy a car, either the first car or the umpteenth car. This time we will provide guidance on the specification of the car in hopes of assisting you in making choices. Do not want to buy wrong and regret in the future?

    Oh yes, before we will not discuss the design because we think it is quite subjective, depending on the taste of each - other than that we also will not discuss about the strength of the image of a particular brand or after sales service so that what we convey more technical related vehicle own. We will share this article in some sections, please be listened!

    Recognize Car Dimensions

    The dimensions of the car are often not the concern of the car driver, the information you want to hear is just how much relief or how much more relief is being added than the previous version and often they are sized by looking at it in person. It does not hurt if your visuospatial ability is good, but if you want to study the spec of the vehicle before looking directly it is worth knowing the following dimensions:

    Length x Width

    The length and width of the car determine the type of the car, although there is no standard rule, maybe you know the term full-sized sedan / pickup / SUV like the Toyota Crown, then mid-sized like Honda Accord and small-sized Like Mitsubishi Lancer, the theory of things is influenced by two things namely the weight of the vehicle and the area calculated from the length x width. But for the application it would be nice if the numbers you use to measure how relieved the car is in your garage, then whether that dimension will trouble your trip everyday, for example your route is often through a narrow alley. In addition, the dimensions of length and width also affect your parking activities.

    Self parking land has been regulated by the government with standard sizes based on Groups I, II and III. Group I is allocated for parking in offices, trade and universities, and Class II is located in sports centers, hotels, recreation areas, hospitals and shopping centers, while Group III is for disabled people. The classification is based on a door opening of 55 cm for Gol I, 75 cm for Gol II, and fully open for Gol III. So if your car is getting smaller, the door open will be wider and freer is not it? The standard of own parking space from the narrowest / Gol I is 2.3 m x 5 m, for Gol II is at 2.5 m x 5 m and Gol III 3-3,6 m x 5 m. If you already know the length and width of your dream car, you should not be surprised at the space created when you park at home, through narrow streets or papasan with other cars and also parking in public areas.

    High Dimensions

    High dimensions of the car can provide related information related to stability / tendency dizziness, this you can use as a car interconnection 1 and others. While other important information is a high standard portal located at 2 meters, it can also affect if you plan on buying a bus / truck or installing additional luggage above your car. As for the cabin's own high size you can calculate from high dimensions reduced ground clearance. Indeed we recommend the calculation is not saklek, please do the test yourself to get a real impression.

    Also related to the height of the car, if you think reluctant to have a soapbox car like Nissan Serena or Toyota Alphard because you think the car is gigantic, later on, dimensions, size and width Serena similar to the small class sedan that is Corolla / Civic, only only the high dimensions are indeed more, while the Alphard has an equivalent size Accord et al. So that does not mean the car will be difficult for you is not it? Another example, Freed has a high body compared to Jazz, but in high dimensions, they are only adrift 6 cm, not much different is not it?


    If you are still confused, for comparison, the classification of existing cars on the market consists of mid-size sedans, small-size sedans, compact size, small hatchback, lcgc, etc. For example the dimensions of mid-size sedan, Toyota Camry is at the same size as the Honda Accord. The Camry has a length of 482 cm and a width of 182 cm while a height of 147 cm, while the Accord has a length of 487 cm, width 185 cm and 146 cm high. Compare with Alphard which has a length of 491 cm and width of 185 cm, differing only slightly with Accord and Camry although the height is far adrift of 189 cm.

    Another example is the Corolla 454 cm x 176 cm x 148 cm, while the Civic is 454 cm x 175 cm x 143 cm; Yaris 411 cm x 170 cm x 147 cm and Jazz 392 cm x 169 cm x 152 cm; Agya 360x 162 cm x 152 cm and Brio 361 cm x 168 cm x 148 cm. Please calculate your own dimensions with the parking lot we have described above. About the relief of cabin and luggage is difficult to say if only from the spec, because the design and the thickness of the body of each manufacturer is different.


    The longer the wheelbase, in addition to the cabin is relieved, also contribute to the less agile control. As an overview Honda Brio can provide a more agile control than the Honda Jazz, but you also know yourself is another plus minus of the two cars? Wheelbase itself has a fairly complicated and not too significant effect on a typical city car, there is a relationship between the lateral force, the load on the car parts that can be calculated from the wheelbase. In short, the basic application of a wheelbase, make sure if you choose a car that is relieved in terms of wheelbase, you see the spec turning radius because the longer the wheelbase will be more difficult also invited to maneuver.

    Ground Clearance

    Ground Clearance can affect the car's ability to bulldoze bumps, but remember high ground clearance is meaningless if your car is too long, so please calculate ground cleareance with your car's wheelbase. Adjust the streets that you often pass and know whether the suspension of the car will make a great swing aka travel distance is too excited and potentially hurt the bottom of your car. Ignore if your habitat is only a mere policeman sleeping only a maximum of 12 cm.

    The front and rear bumper parts are of more concern especially on SUV buyers. This will impact on the ability to devour the steep road. But not merely a safe SUV or MPV insecure lho, as a comparison of Chevrolet Trax has a rubber under the bumper is often 'gesrot' was in the hill / basement basement, what because he crossover yes? While Mitsubishi Delica has a great angle as if to bulldoze anything in front of him. But not all manufacturers include it in their specification brochures.

    Turning Radius

    Radius play is also an important thing, it will be very influential into the way you maneuver, small turning radius will certainly give you ease of parking and agility maneuver. For comparison, the Honda Brio has a 4.5 m radius and Isuzu MU-X 5.8 m. Make sure you are concerned about this so as not to be surprised later. Btw, turning the radius counting from the midpoint of the circle yes, many mistakenly think the turning radius is the distance from the first point of the turn to the end, if the terminology like that please multiply 2 only.

    Weight of vehicle

    The weight of the vehicle can affect the figure of power your car can exhaust, do not eat the biggest power words in its class if the weight of the car is also heavy. Learn the Power to Weight Ratio to get the best picture, though the grip of the car should also be a separate calculation.

    It's about that first we can say, if there are still less and we want to discuss, please convey in the comment field yes! Stay tune on hopefully brighten up!



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