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    Porsche License to Thrill Begins: Who Is The Best Asia Pacific Driver?

    Friday, September 8, 2017, September 08, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-09-09T06:49:49Z

    Porsche License to Thrill is a campaign from Porsche to find the best driver who will get the chance to experience the full-fledged Porsche sensation during a holiday at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles, USA. Well, this campaign successfully captured more than 3,600 participants from 13 countries in Asia Pacific, and now has been selected a number of drivers to take part in the preliminary round circuit Sepang, Malaysia.

    From several pieces of theoretical test answers to the Porsche database, 94% knew that Porsche's headquarters were in Stuttgart and 86% knew that the first generation Porsche 911 (901) officially debuted in 1963. However, 79% did not know that Porsche was the inventor of the car the world's first hybrid in the 20th century and 47% did not know that the legendary Porsche 959 supercar became the inspiration of their big SUV, the Porsche Cayenne.

    The drivers who pass the selection and leave for Sepang, Malaysia will face 6 different challenges. The usual challenge is 2 track chords, but one is kept secret of what the specific challenge is, while the other challenge is to try to circle half the circuit within the instructor's specified time target. For example they ask for 30 seconds, as much as possible we must fit 30 seconds, not too fast or slow.

    Then there are off road challenges, where judgments are based on time and how little water spills when we off road. The next challenge is gymkhana while backing down, the car is Cayenne or Tiger whose glass is completely closed, so we just rely on rearview mirror and camera backwards. Wow, gymkhana while progressing alone is quite challenging, this is even withdraw.

    Next, there is a braking challenge aka braking challenge, in which participants will spur the Porsche 911 Turbo S to about 80-100 km / h and then brake, and try to stop the car as close as possible to the traffic cone without touching it or dropping it. The final challenge is to try to write the "718" on the asphalt using a trace of the Porsche 718 Boxster S that will be driven by the drivers, where each driver is only given 4 minutes.

    Not trivial indeed the challenges posed, especially gymkhana backwards, braking and writing numbers 718, but surely this will be very fun and challenging. Hopefully Porsche Driver of the Year 2017 Asia will be won by contestants from Indonesia yes. What's your opinion? Convey in the comments field!


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