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    Want to Financially Freedom, Do not Believe This Myth

    Sunday, September 10, 2017, September 10, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-09-11T03:22:11Z

    Being rich and financially free is certainly a dream for most people. Financial freedom here does not mean you are rich and have no debt.

    But, more how the right strategy in managing the wealth you have in order to achieve the target of financial freedom.

    In achieving this, of course you will undergo a long process to achieve the expected target. In that journey, there are often some myths that will mislead you about finances.

    Not only makes you wrong in managing finances, these myths can also keep you from the target of financial freedom of dreams. For that, the importance of knowing these myths so that later can avoid it.

    What are the myths, consider the following explanation:

    1. Happy Life for Much Money

    So far a lot of myths that say if you have money will make you happier. This is because money allows you to get all the things you love. For that, many people use that principle to pursue money.

    However, happiness is actually obtainable without having to have a lot of money. Happiness is a form of love that money can not buy.

    In fact, many cases where money actually make life become depressed and eventually end up with suicide. This proves that money can not be a source of eternal happiness.

    For people who are pursuing success, money is not the ultimate goal because it will not end. Therefore, do not let greed be the thing that you get later.

    2. Much Money So Debt-Free Guarantee and Problems

    Many people who think that having a lot of money will keep away from debt and problems. This myth is not entirely true. The debt will remain in line with the income you get if you can not manage your finances properly.

    The greater the income earned usually also affect the lifestyle that is run. The most important thing to be invested in, is whether the debt held is a productive debt that can generate assets or income for you. If so, it would be very useful.

    However, if the debt held is consumptive, of course it will drain savings slowly.

    Therefore, the importance of self-control when you accumulate wealth. Otherwise, you will use the wealth for a consumptive and disadvantageous thing.

    3. No More Working If You Have Much Money

    Sometimes people work not only because of making money, but rather to avoid the stigma in a society that is used to spending time working.

    In fact, there are some people who are already rich still work because of the culture of society that demands it so

    4. Convenience Can Be Gained when Much Money

    Many people who think if there is money, can guarantee everyday comfort. Many rich people employ bodyguards to protect them.

    In fact, they also equip themselves with various security facilities that can keep them from the dangers that exist. In fact, this is a natural thing because it does not want something bad to happen.

    Sometimes there are some things that can not be controlled. For example, disease, even if you rent an expensive bodyguard though, none of them can save you.

    Maybe you can follow the insurance program to get treatment. However, if death has become destiny, even money can not save you.

    Do not Believe with Myths That Are Not Sure True

    In order to achieve the desired financial targets, of course, needed the right strategy. Do not be quick to believe in financial myths that are not necessarily true. Trust the right theories and strategies for your financial condition.


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