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    Against Terrorism, GM (General Motors) Make Military Cars Use Sophisticated Platforms

    Friday, October 13, 2017, October 13, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-10-13T07:19:16Z
    Detroit - Some time ago, General Motors (GM) introduced a brand-new platform for its newest hydrogen vehicle, the Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure (SURUS). The platform, apparently compatible with a variety of vehicle configurations, including military cars.

    GM Surus Platform (Photo: Carbuzz)

    Citing Carbuzz, Thursday (10/12/2017), the manufacturer of Uncle Sam's country has even presented his new platform to the Association of the United States Army this week. Then, whether GM will plunge in the military car business?

    Yes, GM will soon produce a military vehicle, launching a new division called GM Defense LLC, and will be part of GM's global product development.

    According to one GM official cited by Autonews, GM sees business opportunities in the military car sector, and this project will help manufacturers react to the diverse needs of aerospace, consumer and global defense.

    To develop this global military product led directly by Mark Reuss, who is Vice President of GM's global product development.

    In addition to the SURUS platform still under development, GM also has a ZH2 military vehicle based on Chevrolet Colarado. Currently, the car is already in the US Army base.

    In addition, the US navy will also begin testing GM vehicles with hydrogen fuel. Then, the SURUS platform is also likely to be developed towards non military vehicles as well.

    Unfortunately, GM still refused to provide more detailed information related to the plan.


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