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    Getting ready!! Do not Sleep Fast, Meteor Showers Will Decorate the Sky at Night

    Thursday, October 19, 2017, October 19, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-10-20T06:22:49Z

    The phenomenon of the step will occur in Indonesia, the celestial bodies like uranus will show itself throughout the night to decorate the sky on the earth archipelago.

    In addition, there are also thousands of major meteors called Orionids that will look like rain through the sky. Facebook even publicly spreads this notification to Facebook users, which appear in the top column of the homepage.

    How to watch this Orionid Meteor shower?

    An meteorite meteor shower that peppers the earth's atmosphere with fragments of Halley comet happens again. It's not as wonderful or meteor-rich this year as it was before, but that does not mean you can not stick your head out of the window to come on a Saturday night and see the night sky lit with flashes. Here's how to watch.

    The Orioned meteor shower runs from early October to mid-November, but in 2017 it peaks over the weekend on October 22 in the early hours of the morning - about 2-5am Idt. This is an early hour to wake up and head out, but you will be rewarded with a heavy shower of about 20-30 meteors per hour. That is: brave cold for a few minutes, and must see something.

    This is far from up to 80 per hour we saw in the past, but hey, meteor shower. The Orionides are visible from most places around the planet, so anyone in Australia means even in a timely manner and in the right circumstances you should be able to take a look.

    It's the new moon, too, so there will not be a lot of moonlight - which means better star and meteor display. (As long as the rain flies for the Sidnizers and Canberans, at least ...) If you want to know where to look, you'll see most of the meteorite hits grouped off the north of the Orion sword.

    Upper Astroblog Tip: Wait at least a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. "If you decide to get up, let at least 5 minutes for your eyes to adjust, be patient, it may be several minutes before you are rewarded with the first meteor, then the couple will come along in a quick relay."



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