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iPhone X has been sold officially to the market, and Apple also released a number of information related to the cost of repair the phone, which was reached USD 549

The cost of this repair is divided into two, namely the cost of screen replacement at a rate of USD 279 and other repair costs of USD 549. Please note, this rate is valid only if the warranty is up and no additional warranty AppleCare +.

Meanwhile, if AppleCare + or still covered by warranty, the cost of screen replacement is only USD 29 and other repair costs only USD 99. So it seems that iPhone X users are strongly recommended to have additional warranty AppleCare +.

What's more, the repair cost is much higher than the previous generation iPhone. For comparison, iPhone 6's screen replacement costs only USD 129, and iPhone 8 USD 169.

IPhone X Repair Cost Breaks Rp 7.4 Million! Photo: Apple site screenshoot

While other repair costs for the iPhone 8 are USD 349, and 8 Plus USD 399. This other repair costs include all mobile phone repairs other than the screen, such as the back cover of a broken or cracked cell phone.

IPhone X Repair Cost Breaks IDR 7.4 Million! Photo: Apple site screenshoot

But the cost of AppleCare + for iPhone X was higher than other iPhone, which is USD 199. While the iPhone 8 costs only USD 129 and 8 Plus is USD 149.

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