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    Toyota Motor Show 2017: Toyota Concept-i, Toyota's Future Transportation Mode

    Sunday, October 29, 2017, October 29, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-10-30T04:15:27Z
    As we know, the mat range of the Tokyo Motor Show always presents the latest concept cars. We've covered the concept cars today, such as the Honda Sport EV Concept, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution Concept, and the Toyota Crown Concept. And this time we will discuss directly three concept vehicles from Toyota incorporated in Toyota Concept-i.

    Toyota Concept-i, Toyota's Future Transportation Mode
    Yes, there are three vehicles in Toyota Concept-i range, first there is Toyota Concept-i own, then Toyota Concept-i RIDE, and Toyota Concept-i WALK. In the Toyota Concept-i series, there are some things offered by Toyota, namely LEARN, PROTECT, and INSPIRE. These three things are the main value and selling value provided by Toyota on these three products. In general, for LEARN function will make products from Toyota Concept-i can understand human, alias sensitive with human response, suitable for woman, eh. Toyota Concept-i will be able to read emotions and estimate preferences to respond to these emotional readings.

    Toyota Concept-i Ride
    Then, the second function of PROTECT here will make Toyota Concept-i can keep the user safe. How can Toyota Concept-i keep its users safe? That is by utilizing Automated Driving Technology which juxtaposed with LEARN function which in the end goal can understand intention and condition of user in real time which will be compared with condition of security standard. The third is INSPIRE which will be combined with LEARN and Agent Technology that can anticipatefeeling from users and offer new driver experience.

    All these concepts are indeed very technical and abstract, hard to describe but accept it because everything is realized thanks to the AI ​​alias artificial Intelligent which will compute all the results of the sensor and processed so that it becomes useful. Okay, let's start with the car alone, the first is the Toyota Concept-i which has a dimension of 4.5 meters long with 1.8 meters wide and 1.4 meter high. Toyota Concept-i can be loaded 4 people with pure electric powered engine. Toyota Concept-i alone can walk as far as 300 km for each time full charge.

    Toyota Concept-i Walk
    Next is the Toyota Concept-i RIDE that is more compact with dimensions of 2.5 meters, width of 1.3 meters and 1.5 meters high. This concept car can only be loaded two people with mileage per once charging reaches 100 to 150 km only. And last is the Toyota Concept-i WALK which is the most concise mode of transportation from the Toyota Concept-i series. Toyota Concept-i WALK can be used on the streets easily, with mileage reaching 10 to 20 km. Toyota Concept-i WALK uses three wheels and can run automatically for ease of use.

    Toyota Concept-i, Toyota's Future Transportation Mode
    The concept products of the Toyota Concept-i series are still very much the future and are still too hard for people to accept, but slowly, the image like Toyota Concept-i is what seems to be our future. What do you think? Come to your opinion buddy.


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