Attend MTV EMA 2017, Jackson GOT7 Becomes the Spotlight of the World

Jackson GOT7
The presence of Jackson GOT7 managed to attract attention in social media because of its presence in MTV EMA 2017. Event of MTV EMA 2017 itself was held on Sunday (12/11) local time.

Many world musicians are present in this event. One of them is Jackson. He himself was appointed as the official ambassador of Greater China for this event.

First time present at this prestigious international event, Jackson's visuals directly into the spotlight of the world. It is evident that the singer of the song "Papillon" is a subject of conversation fans to non-k-popers in social media Twitter.

Attend MTV EMA 2017,
 Jackson GOT7 Becomes the Spotlight of the World
Most non-fans asked who the figure of Jackson at the event. Comments like, "The Asian man looks cool" and "The cool guy who sits next to Liam Payne" is mostly met from non fans via Twitter.

Unfortunately GOT7 is not a nomination for Best Korean Act on MTV EMA this year. This year's nomination itself consists of 5 groups namely G-Friend, Highlight, Mamamoo, and Seventeen (II). Are you also amazed by Jackson's appearance?

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