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    Black Friday So Viral Because Instagram Account Japanese Language

    Thursday, November 23, 2017, November 23, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-24T03:47:08Z
    The atmosphere of Black Friday in a large mall in Japan. (special)
    Tokyo - Black Friday or sale or cheap sale of United States style, so the talk of many people in Japan and especially mall stores.
    Including Instagram This viral Japanese language promotes Black Friday so that more and more people visit various malls in Japan.

    "We are trying to present the latest info about Japan in the form of photographs, this time about Black Friday," said Rikako Sugamo, manager of Instagram to, Friday (24/11/2017).
    A Japanese instagram managed since May 2, 2015 turns out to be viral for Japanese fans as it presents the latest pictures of Sakura State's current state.

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    Instagram is now followed by about 1,500 people that every day presents various photos from Japan and now the Christmas atmosphere has begun rousing in Tokyo Japan.

    "We present a photo not only about the current information and circumstances in Japan but also the Japanese culture of art and its diversity, so that seeing this instagram can feel the entry into the Japanese world even though it is only seen in a virtual way," he added.
    With the photos from the State Sakura is expected to more and more Indonesian people interested to go to Japan and understand more about Japan and its culture.
    Instagram is managed in collaboration with a Japanese school that has 10 years of standing, Pandan College.

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    It can be accessed by the address of #bahasajepang
     ( and according to Rikako anyone is free to access and tag with the Instagram.
    "We are open and free to distribute, please use our instagram for those who want to use it, as long as possible to mention the source then we thank you for that," he said.


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