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    City Story Built on Meteor Crater and Diamond Layered

    Thursday, November 23, 2017, November 23, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-24T04:15:10Z
    Photo: (Doctor srkqureshi official / Instagram)
    Nordlingen - Nordlingen is so famous in Germany for being a city built on a meteor crater. Not only that, it turns out this beautiful city is also layered diamond.

    Sneaky from BBC, Thursday (23/11/2017) a small town in Germany popular because of its unusual location. The city is named Nordlingen and is in a meteor crater.

    But not until there, this beautiful city was also founded on a layer of diamonds. How could that be?

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    An asteroid hit the city 15 million years ago. Bumped on the face Nordlingan, the shape of a sphere of meteors can be seen by tourists from a height.

    City Story Built on Meteor Crater and Diamond Layered Photo: (Thinkstock)
    Although already in the area with the building, but the round shape of the astereoid can still be seen. This asteroid falls to earth at a speed of 25 km per second. Length 1 km and make a hole area of ​​26 km.

    Asteroids that hit the earth provide tremendous heat and pressure to the ground. As a result, the carbon bubbles that are in the ground turn into diamond chips!

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    These diamond pieces are less than 0.2 mm in diameter. In a way, this diamond is very small and can not be seen by the naked eye. While the asteroid used as building materials to build the city.

    "Everything inside the city wall is made of asteroid rock," Roswitha Feil, a local resident, told the BBC.

    City Story Built on Meteor Crater and Diamond Layered Photo: (Thinkstock)
    Worse, city residents think that once the city was built on an extinct crater of fire. It was written in textbooks until 1906.

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    Not long after Shoemaker and Chao, a US geologist, first visited Nrdlingen, it was thought by local geologists that the city wall and its buildings contain about 72,000 tons of diamonds. Although this type of suevite stone can be found in other parts of the world, there is no concentration of gemstones as high as in Nordlingen.

    Because of this, many tourists are trying to come to this city. To see firsthand the city built on the diamond lining. But for the local community, this is a common thing. As it is said, Nordlingen residents stepped on and slept under a layer of diamond and thought it was normal.


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