Fat Car Not Damaged By Collision

Photo : Toyoda Gosei Airbag Car Concept
Airbags are usually embedded in the dashboard or on the side of the car and placed in a closed place in the car. But unlike the concept car on this one.

Car body that bubbles due to airbags make visitors Tokyo Motor Show made amazement. The car by Toyoda Gosei is actually not a new thing at the Tokyo Motor Show exhibition. A few years ago the car that was greeted by Flesby was already showing off at the same exhibition.
Flesby is equipped with LED lights inside the airbag located on the exterior. Although not yet known whether this car will soon be mass produced or just a concept only. Flesby II body panel is covered with a soft rubber that can absorb the collision energy.

"We put airbags that are usually in the car but outside to protect the car body," said Managing Officer Toyoda Gosei Co., Takashi Ishikawa quoted from Reuters on Thursday (2/11/2017).
This could be the safest car in the world because when compared with Takata airbag which is actually causing problems.

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