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    First Impression Review Honda NSX NC1 2017

    Thursday, November 9, 2017, November 09, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-14T07:15:42Z

    There was a moment when Honda could make a car that could match the level of a Ferrari. Honda NSX is referred to as a Japanese sports car that changes the automotive world in addition to Toyota 2000GT, Mazda RX-7 and Nissan Skyline GT-R family. The mission of the Honda NSX in the 1990s is to prove to the world that having a cool sports car like Ferrari does not have to be paid for its rugged quality, severe reliability and discomfort.

    The proof was done by deploying all of Honda's spearheads, including asking Ayrton Senna to help set the first NA1-branded Honda NSX. The best technology was pinned, such as the use of ABS 4 channel, full aluminum body and so forth. After 15 years of production, the NSX stopped being made, but fortunately he was back again with a different shape than the previous NSX.

    Really different form only? What is bold by the offered by Honda NSX NC1 so that it is considered worthy of bearing the name of NSX? Check out the following reviews!


    If the old Honda NSX was designed by Pininfarina, then the new Honda NSX was designed by a woman who recently graduated design studies and worked as a Honda designer. So that's why there is a sensual aura of the old NSX that can not even be equaled by the new NSX. Make no mistake, it does not mean Pininfarina design is good. Look at Hyundai Matrix which is also designed Pininfarina. Maybe the design is in accordance with Hyundai budget at that time.

    Back to Honda NSX. Regardless of the Honda Solid Wing Face, the new NSX looks to emit all the lines of European supercars stirred in a single dough. There is an impression like seeing the Audi R8, McLaren and even Aston Martin when he saw it. The design is not as special as the NSX NA1, but it remains futuristic and cool. Its low, flat and wide proportions help to impress the exotic, and this is the advantage of the middle engine platform that it carries.

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    The front is adorned with 12 LED projectors, and underneath is air vents to cool the brakes and electric motors. Likewise with the front of the hood, there is ventilation in charge of exhaling the wind again out. According to Honda, all the elements of this NSX design have contributed to maintaining the ideal engine temperature while producing a large down force, and the majority of the compression force is on the back.

    Honda NSX wear standard Continental tires, but can be changed to Pirelli if you want to spend extra. NSX brakes that are here are made from carbon ceramic that perform better when the hot brake than when cold. Up front, he is supported by a large caliper while behind there are 2 small calipers. Setup like this is also owned by other European supercars like Lamborghini Aventador and McLaren 720S.

    Spion Honda NSX is specially designed to drain the wind into side vents, where the intercooler is perched and ready to cool the air. After that, the air will come out of the vents hiding above its LED brake lights. the lamp own shape similar to Aston Martin One-77. The underside of the NSX is flat, and the stern is adorned with a real-function diffuser plus 4 exhaust holes framed so 1, the Aventador kind.


    Honda NSX does not have the impression bespoke like a European supercar. Just like the Nissan GT-R, we can still find some common parts from other cars such as power window buttons, seat memory and electric seat settings. Feeling while playing paddle shift NSX feels cheap, no weight is steady and sound "click" it does not sound classy. In short, the NSX's premium taste is still not aligned with European brands such as R8 and 911.

    But there are still similarities between the old NSX and the new NSX: Cabin roomy for the size of a supercar. Visibility is also good, not difficult to see forwards, side and back of this car. A trivial thing, but it is usually a supercar does not have good visibility, such as Lamborghini Veneno and Koenigsegg CCX. NSX steady driving position, ergonomic and sporty sense of his can, but indeed his seat position is not as low as the supercar in general.

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    Steering wheel is not like a regular car, but rather a box like Ferrari plus carbon fiber accents. Unfortunately, for this expensive car, tilt and telescopic NSX settings are still manuals like the BMW i8. Behind the steering wheel, there is an instrument panel in the form of a large screen with multiple display types depending on the 4 driving modes to choose from: Quiet, Sport, Sport + and Track. This mode can be set via the swivel knob near the transmission.

    In Quiet mode, the NSX will close some of its exhaust valves, keep the engine spin less high and prioritize the use of electric motors to keep the noise quiet and not make the neighbors angry. Continuing into Sport, Sport + and Track mode, the NSX will try to change its nature to a true supercar, while ensuring the twin turbo V6 engine and its electric engine come together to provide the best performance it can deliver.

    Honda NSX NC1 does not have a head unit that bespoke also, looks similar to the Civic Turbo version of America. There is not too much storage space here. Gloveboxes, doorbags and center console boxes should not be questioned, certainly have, but no patent cup holders, because there is only a portable cup holder like the MX-5. And if you want, you can design cup holder like belongs to Porsche 718 Boxster, nice and no place to eat.

    If you want to store goods, do not open the bonnet Honda NSX front. It is packed with 2 electric motors and all other items that support the performance of the car. The trunk is at the back, with a fair enough capacity for some backpacks.


    The special chapter, as there is some technology in this car that would be a bet Honda about the new NSX image that will determine whether he will be a revolutionary supercar like the old NSX or just a regular supercar that uses the name NSX. Honda brings drive-by-wire technology in heavy equipment to the supercar world, namely in the brake pedal sector. The brake pedal does not work mechanically, but electrically. No brake hoses, only wires.

    It is said that this is to benefit the regenerative braking system NSX that can recharge the battery power during deceleration or braking. I wonder what's wrong with other hybrid cars that are conventional brakes but also have regenerative braking.Power electronic steering system, electronic brakes, electronic gas pedals. Hm, it sounds like when playing GT Sport, Forza or Asseto Corsa use steering game made by Logitech or Thrustmaster.

    Another advancement offered by NSX is a torque vectoring system that holds 2 electric motors in front of it. Previously, let us explain if two electric motors in front have the task to rotate the front wheels each independently (left motor for left wheel, right motor for right wheel). Back to the matter of torque vectoring, what special have NSX? Yet the new Mazda 3 also has a similar system.

    The difference is more to the way of work. Most cars that adopt torque vectoring rely on brakes and differentials to divide the torque between the left-right wheels, while braking on one side of the wheel to improve cornering alias cornering. If Honda NSX, he relies on two electric motors in front of him to divide the torque and rotation speed between the left and right wheels. Lah, what's the difference?

    The difference is the differential time and the brakes can only adjust the input of positive torque (forward motion), NSX can adjust the positive and negative torque input (forward motion and backward motion). That's a new theory on paper, for the proof of how far the effect of this system on car handling is not on paper, but on the asphalt. In addition to paper and on the asphalt, this system must also provide a natural sense when driving. The proof is very heavy anyway.

    Like the Audi R8, the Honda NSX has a magnetorheological damper for all four suspensions. Does this set the hard-padded suspension? Yeah, but then doang not exclamation, because Honda tried to imitate the Audi system. This damper can change settings up to many times in a matter of seconds to adjust its character to the road surface that he went through, and this contributes to changing the character of the car in four different modes, from Quiet to Track.

    From the aerodynamic side, the Honda NSX prioritizes most of the downforce to the rear as most of its power is delivered to the rear wheels. There is an electric motor behind the clamp between the engine and the nine-speed dual clutch gearbox, where the task is to give a boost when the gasoline engine has not worked optimally, such as turbo lag or tooth change. This is the same technology as LaFerrari, P1, 918 and i8.

    Known, Honda bought other sports cars such as the Porsche 911 GT3 (991), McLaren MP4-12C and a pair of Ferrari 458 while designing the NSX. Coincidentally, Porsche knew that one of their 911s was bought by Honda to be analyzed, so they inserted a "love letters" when Honda's Porsche was serviced. The contents are, "Good luck Honda from Porsche. See you on the other side. "


    Unlike the old Honda NSX that used the naturally aspirated V6 engine, the new Honda NSX used a 3500 cc V6 twin turbo engine that assisted 3 electric motors, 1 behind and 2 in front. The position of this machine is longitudinal, but initially Honda has tested NSX prototype at Nurburgring with transversal engine position like NSX NA1 and NA2. Unfortunately, the results are not good, because the new NSX cooling is not as easy as the old NSX so the car burned. Long NSX transversal engine you know.

    For that, they start again and put the position of the machine in a longitudinal and this feels already right. Engine affairs, Honda designed this V6 engine specifically for the NSX and not for other Honda / Acura. The design itself is different, because if the V6 engine has a degree V in the number 60 or 90 degrees, have NSX is at 75 degrees. In addition to Honda, Isuzu has also made a V engine with a degree of 75 degrees.

    Releasing 573 hp, Honda claims the NSX can run from 0-100 in 2.9 seconds and top speed of about 307 km / hour. That's his claim, while the NSX posted a 0-100 time in 3 to 3.2 seconds in some experiments abroad. Wow, but Nissan GT-R can be 2.8 seconds without the help of an electric motor like the NSX. For gyroscopes, he wears a 9 speed dual clutch type, in which gear 1 is used for start from rest, gear 9 for cruising and 2 to 8 gear has a meeting ratio.


    The old Honda NSX has set a high standard if there are cars that want to be the successor. What's this new NSX? Well, because the old NSX is also breaking the supercar market with technology, then the new NSX is quite able to follow. More precisely, the NSX can bring hypercar hybrid technology that cost tens of billions into the realm of supercars that cost less than tens of billions. BMW i8 how are you? Well, the i8 and NSX performance levels are different, the Honda logo is less prestigious than the BMW logo, and the hybrid system orientation is different: i8 for efficiency, NSX for performance.

    Torque vectoring technology with 2 electric motors, brake-by-wire and others can nail the NSX to be considered sophisticated. But the approach between the new NSX and the old NSX in using technology can be spelled out very different. Look, the old NSX uses all the technology to create real cars that steal the world's attention, while the new NSX uses technology to make this sophisticated car feel like a car, not a laptop or video game. The new NSX is about software, computers and electrical engineering, not mechanical engineering like the old NSX.

    That let me prove over the streets that will reveal the results. Problem design, NSX is cute although aura different from the old NSX, as well as the interior. For the affairs of the revolution, just a matter of time whether the NSX would be a benchmark for European supercars or other countries. Remember, the old NSX can steal the attention of Gordon Murray who is the master of the legendary supercar, McLaren F1. Well, at least the new NSX has got Jay Leno's attention.

    Released two volumes of concepts, burning engines at Nurburging and all up and down during testing, hope to bring this NSX into a proper NSX successor. If you have not been able to race the old NSX charm, this car should at least be able to maintain the NSX name remains at the top.

    The fight is also heavy, because in addition to having to fight the Audi R8, Porsche 911 Turbo, Ferrari 488 GTB and McLaren 570GT faster, NSX also have to fight rivals country and country like the Nissan GT-R is frightening, plus the threat from Toyota Supra increasingly approaching though we do not know what kind of car. What's your opinion? Convey in the comment field!


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