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    First Impression Review Mitsubishi Xpander 2017 Indonesia

    Monday, November 6, 2017, November 06, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2018-03-14T02:08:52Z

    When the task of Toyota Kijang was replaced by a duet of the Toyota Avanza-Daihatsu Xenia, both sold very well. Tempted to bombard this duet of Astra, many other Japanese brands are designing entry-level MPV with the aim of seizing consumers Avanza-Xenia. Call the Nissan Grand Livina, Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio who had long dreamed the sweetness of Toyodai achievement.

    For the second half of 2017, there are 2 more brands that try to chop down duo Toyodai. From China namely Wuling Confero S, while from Japan there is a Mitsubishi Xpander which last year emerged as a Mitsubishi XM Concept. Fortunately, after evolving from XM to Xpander, it still resembles 80% with its concept. What promises Xpander to make Avanza knees? Check out this review!


    The design language of Dynamic Shield makes the Mitsubishi Xpander really look like "today's Mitsubishi," away from the more feasible Mirage called "Mitsubishi of that era?" Well, for the low size entry-level MPV instead of LCGC, Xpander's design really deserves appreciation. There are many beautiful details that sometimes just a dream to appear in a family car with affordable price tag. We can start from the front.

    The lights are thin and fused with the pull of Xpander's face design is not the main light, but a kind of LED Positioning Lamp. Its main light is just below it, large and placed high above the lights seinnya. The rounded foglamp is mounted on the lower front guard which looks quite dashing, like an SUV. No projector lens like Veloz or Confero, just diamond cut with halogen bulb.

    The low position of the lights is also a bit of anxiety, maybe he is vulnerable cracked or broken due to the pebble from the wheel of a car that drove in front of him? Let it be time that proves. With ground clearance reaching 205 mm, it is higher than Toyota Veloz or Honda BR-V, it's so overhang the front of this car was not long for the size of the MPV. Fender Xpander looks solid contains, plus there is the impression of a sculpture in harmony with a high bonnet.

    Rims Mitsubishi Xpander has a good design, color selection and finishing for two-tone color luggage. Two tone rims are only for Sport and Ultimate variants, while other types get a rim that is more simple and small. Tires in Sport and Ultimate type rely on fuel-saving tires from Dunlop, Dunlop Enasave to wrap the rim 16 inch. Front brake disc, rear drum but already have ABS and EBD.
    The large spy Xpander just stole our attention for a moment, because there was a small button visible on the driver's door handle. That is, Xpander middle to upper type must have been wearing smart entry that live push button on door handle and key enough dikantungi only. Starting from the front door to the rear lights, there is a firm body indent that after examined, the design is similar to the Honda Jazz GK5.

    Lis chrome on the glass Mitsubishi Xpander quite fit, not make it tacky. We like floating roof accents on D pillars, because the black part is not body panel painted black like Toyota Yaris or black distributor like Hyundai i20, but glass like Honda Mobilio. Pretty hard to make such a shape. Mitsubishi Xpander does not have a standard roof spoiler, but the top design is shaped like a roof spoiler.

    Another beautiful detail of Mitsubishi Xpander is the L-shaped LED back light bar. Do not be fooled, the brake light is still a regular bulb, the LED is only active if the main light is turned on, but it's pretty good. There is no tacky chrome or defogger in the back, but in this Sport type we do not see any parking camera, because the new parking camera is in Ultimate type.

    There is a kind of guard again in the rear bumper, and this indirectly adds to the dashing impression of Xpander. Unfortunately the muffler has not been given a muffler cutter to complete his appearance. Oh yes, if yesterday in GIIAS 2017 there is Mitsubishi Xpander Ultimate with body kit, body kit is not default standard, but optional that must add cost again.


    If anyone says that Xpander is revolutionary, it probably means only on the exterior only. The interior tends to be normal for this family car class. Plastic material is standard MPV in its class, but feels more solid in terms of surface and installation. Built quality and interior finishing are good too, but do not be fooled by the fake stitches in the first and second row cabins.

    Interior Mitsubishi Xpander has 2 color choices, namely full black for Sport type or alloy black-beige for other types. Full black color for the cabin Xpander Sport type has a sporty impression, but the black-beige in other types of impression is more spacious and elegant. Xpander seats material is fabric, and this seat has a good thickness foam, so it feels soft when occupied and the frame joknya not felt when we pressed the chair.

    Especially for the Xpander cabin color black-beige, you should immediately put the sarong seat to protect the seat. The color of the bright seat makes it easy to get stained if the owner or passenger is not a person who loves cleanliness. If you do not want to take a headache, interior Xpander Sport type black tend to be minimal maintenance, because the black color is not too easy dirty. Despite the stain, it may be hard to see, especially if the stain is equally dark. Suitable for the lazy clean-up.

    Being a driver Xpander, we will feel the position of sitting that tends to rise but still ergonomic. Driving position settings include a seat equipped with reclining, sliding and height adjuster mechanisms, but its height adjuster uses a swivel model instead of a pump. The setting of the steering wheel, Mitsubishi Xpander is the only one in its class that has a tilt & telescopic setting for the steering wheel, while the other MPV is just tilt. Nice!

    Mitsubishi Xpander has an instrument panel that looks similar to Pajero Sport design, whether in terms of design, font type and MID screen. MID Xpander uses a full color screen, and there is an Xpander animation when the new car is turned on. To select the info, the setting button is not on the wheel, but on the right side of the instrument panel. The Xpander steering wheel resembles Mirage, but the black glossy accent on the inside makes it a little bit more wow.

    Apart from the mentioned smart entry, Mitsubishi Xpander also has a start-stop engine button where only Xpander has it compared to rivals. Around the button, the driver will find the setting button plus electric spy folding. Not only that, Xpander Sport and Ultimate type already have stability control and hill start assist. Well, want to disturb Honda Mobilio RS CVT ya about safety features.

    Head unit on Xpander Sport type tends to be basic, because it does not have bluetooth or touch screen despite steering switch control on steering wheel. Then in the Ultimate type, Xpander is given a better head unit with touch screen plus abundant connections like bluetooth and USB. He can also answer and hang up and voice commands, as evidenced by the buttons for the function in the steering wheel Xpander Ultimate type.

    The AC control on the Mitsubishi Xpander is not a common parts with Mitsubishi Mirage, and the model does not look cheap for this class MPV. Not a digital AC like Mobilio does, but this is enough. One button under its AC knob is to regulate air circulation, and just below it there is a small storage area plus a power outlet. There are also other small pockets on the side near the driver's left knee and the right front passenger knee.

    Xpander automatic transmission lever is already wrapped in leather, while the manual version is normal. Please note, Xpander manual gearboxes have reverse gear that is somewhat different from most Japanese cars, because to get back gear gear should be passed to the left front. 5 speed manual transmission, while the automatic 4 speed with overdrive button.

    Xpander hand brake feels solid and located close to the driver, while on his left there are 2 cup holders. The center console box capacity is tolerable, and on the inside there is 1 power outlet if the front is not enough. There is a secret drawer under the front passenger seat to store small items, plus a small pocket in front of the most comfortable passenger to put coins.

    When opening the Xpander glovebox, the actual capacity is wide, it's just the extent cut off by the box fuse car that is located on the left side of the glovebox. Wonder, is this Japanese or French car anyway? Kan is usually a French car like this. Fortunately, the door pocket is still pretty practical to store luggage such as bottles and others.

    Sitting in the second row cabin of Mitsubishi Xpander, the space gained for adults up to 178 cm is still quite good. The leg and head room is still relieved, and it can be shifted or thrown separately like just another MPV. Just like the Suzuki Ertiga, Mitsubishi Xpander has a middle armrest that can be used if no one is sitting in the middle seat of the second row. Separate 60:40 seats have only 2 headrest, so the one sitting in the center should be a small child.

    Speaking of the facilities in the second row, standard equipment includes double blower air conditioning, pockets behind the front seat and a door pocket that is not less practical with the front door pocket. If the passenger is in need of charging gadgets that they carry, may be able to use the power outlet in the center console box that we have discussed earlier. Mound on the floor that is not so high so a plus point compared to one of his rivals.

    Like Honda Mobilio and Toyota Avanza, third-row passengers can enter in one touch tumble, not one touch sliding like Suzuki Ertiga. Here, third-row passengers have to compromise with second-row passengers if they want a room that is equally nice, because if the second row seat back pol, third row seat passenger will not be able to leg room if the seated is an adult. Another story with enough headroom left.

    Well, at least third row passengers can be quite entertained with the existence of a real headrest, reclining one step, cup holder and there is a power outlet in the third row. Yes, so not only the first or second line passengers can charge the gadget, third row passengers can also. About the seat, the seat in the third row is still as thick as the first or second row. Ertiga has a thick seat too, but the room is more limited than Xpander.

    The luggage of Mitsubishi Xpander has a large capacity, and there is a storage place hidden behind the luggage floor covering. This can be used to store an emergency triangle, jack or first aid kit. Xpander baggage folding as smart as Ertiga and better than Mobilio, Avanza or Confero, because the resulting space can be flat on the floor.

    Well ... Uneven floors really, but rather uphill, but the method is smart compared to the folding Avanza, Mobilio or Confero are perfunctory. Safety features? Well, there is ABS, EBD, stability control, dual airbags, hill start assist and others.


    Like the majority of players in this class, Mitsubishi Xpander entrust 1,500 cc 4-cylinder engine to be the heart of Xpander. This 4A91 coded engine has 103 PS power and torque of 141 Nm is channeled to the front wheels via automatic gearbox 4 speed or 5 speed manual. The position of the engine is slightly down, maybe so that the point of gravity is good.

    Fortunately the position of Xpander water intake is high enough, thus minimizing the worries of having to bulldoze a rather high puddle. Xpander engine room workmanship is still good, proven with a neat painting, a good silencer and the lack of welding that left just like that. FYI, Xpander engine code similar to Mitsubishi Colt hatchback engine, even the power output and torque is the same.


    Remembered when other brands used to try to beat Toyota Kijang by making a family car with the names of animals. Isuzu appeared with Isuzu Panther and Mitsubishi champion Mitsubishi Kuda. Either history is repeated or not, but the movement of other brands that try to beat the Avanza reminds us of how Toyota Kijang used to be attacked from here and there by other Japanese brands.

    Mitsubishi Xpander is the same. Trying to win the hearts and accounts of potential customers of Toyota Avanza, this is like the Mitsubishi Kuda who once targeted the prospective users of Toyota Kijang. For this task, Mitsubishi Xpander feels very well designed. The strong points are on the look that is far from the impression of medioker, built quality that ciamik, seductive features, safety features and reliability reliability that can be relied upon.

    For now, there is not much lack of Xpander that really could be a deal breaker or a distraction until it wants to divert attention to another car. If you want to be really searched, most only about fake stitches, gloveboxes that are cut off the fuse box, cabin space that has not selapang competitors who use upholstery upholstery board or a competitor from China and one or two other things. The rest, we are satisfied with what Mitsubishi Xpander offer compared to other competitors.



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