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    Mass Shooting in California Kills Four People

    Tuesday, November 14, 2017, November 14, 2017 EDT Last Updated 2017-11-15T02:07:37Z
    California police secured one of the locations where the mass shootings occurred in Rancho Tehama area on Wednesday (15/11/2017). (ELIJAH NOUVELAGE / AFP)
    CALIFORNIA, - The mass shootings tragedy again occurred in the United States. This time a man fired a shot that killed four people in Tehama, California, on Tuesday (11/14/2017).

    Perpetrators randomly fired at a number of locations in rural areas in northern California, including one location in a school.

    Four people were reportedly killed by the action and several others were injured.

    Police reports said the perpetrators had been shot dead by officers. But it has not been identified.

    Police said they found a semi-automatic rifle and two pistols allegedly used by the perpetrator.

    "It's very clear that the perpetrators picked their targets randomly," Tehama Police Deputy Chief Phil Johnston told AP.

    Seven injured have been taken to the hospital for treatment, including a wounded child while in school.

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    A mother and her child were also hit by fire while in the car.

    The shooting action allegedly began at 8:00 am local time at a house in Rancho Tehama Reserve and continued to a number of other locations.

    Johnston added that police checked at least five locations.

    "Schools that have become one of the locations have been secured and children can attend school safely," he added.


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